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Minha mana Gosto muito da

japanese style peony tattoo

Gosto muito da minha mana...
Mauwioni.JPG Peony on Mauw

japanese tattoos peony

Peony on Mauw Tattoo by: me
1st colour session_040210 So just back

koi peony tattoo

So just back in and wanted to get this shot straight away. This is about 2 hours old and still pretty tender! the Koi is almost finished and the Peony will be a shade of purple. The shading (water) is actaully not red and this is bruising/blood under the skin. It's also obvious that I have some scar tissue from the tattoo that this is covering. It was only 8 years old and you can harldy see it. A lesson learned though - choose your artist carefully. So glad I chose Irezumi though and looking forward to a final 3 hours in a few weeks.
Butterfly Lady "Hiding" Old Bird

peony flower

"Hiding" Old Bird Tattoo In Wing
tatt under wraps This one hurt

peony flower tattoo arm

This one hurt a LOT more than my first one. Or maybe I'd just forgotten the pain.
flower cover-up by Matt Lentz  Flower cover up

peony flower tattoo coverup

Flower cover up on shoulder by Matt Lentz @ Under the Needle Tattoo
can't sleep... again (part 2) this is the

peony koi

this is the other shot in followup to my initial photo here . i like the mood here better but it's not as clear and has a lot of noise. i like that i'm not using the viewfinder though. i personally like this one better. there's a rawness to it. which one do you like better? best viewed large:
peonias estudiando el japonés

peony tatoo

estudiando el japonés tradicional :)
Pretty in pink Digital StillCamera

peony tattoo arm

Digital StillCamera
même si j'ai tort, laissez-le moi "even if i'm

peony tattoo design

"even if i'm wrong, leave it to me."
Snake, Skull, Peonies finished finally :)

peony tattoo flash

finished finally :) JH*09 watercolour and ink on paper 12'x18'
2 kois & a peony original artwork and

peony tattoo flower

original artwork and tattoo done by greg james of sunset strip tattoo. the tattoo sits in the upper left quadrant of my back and measures about 10" x 8". all the elements of the tattoo symbolizes strength, longevity, prosperity and wealth.

Three random tattoo ideas

TattooSummit_Toyohashi From the book,

tebori tattoo design

From the book, Tattoo in Japan.
Bloody Dolphin?! Is that the

fiji tribe tattoos

Is that the remains of a bludgeoned dolphin?!