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cebu sunset i was on

philippines flower tattoo

i was on a ferry boat when i took this shot
Tiyaga Inspired by Marco's

philippines tattoo gallery

Inspired by Marco's tattoo.
Tatoo Shop taken in the

philippines tattoos

taken in the Philippines at Puerto Princessa. Met this guy in the street, I asked him if I could take a picture of him in his shop, he accepted :D
2 ink by riki

tattoos philippines

ink by riki sta ana, yet again pic stolen from lolo carl!
20.08.2006 TACLOBAN / MARKET The girl hiding

tattoo island philippines

The girl hiding behind his grandfather ,that has a cross-tatoo
Rock'D Precious Jaydee on

tribal art of philippines

Precious Jaydee on Rock'd
Tattoos my friend's tattoos

tattoo from philippines

my friend's tattoos
Kamikazee DUTDUTAN '07 The

tattoo gallery in the philippines

DUTDUTAN '07 The Philippine Tattoo Xpo December 15, 2007 A tattoo convention with a cultural show, music fest, merchandising and live tattoo competition. The bands i shot: Valley of Chrome, Queso, Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Sinosikat, Kamikazee, Sinag, Nini Skirt, Cosmic Love, Kadangyan, Concrete Sam, Kamikazee.
Dutdutan XII (Pole dancing) World Trade Center,

tribal tattoos philippines

World Trade Center, Pasay City, Philippines More photos here: Blogger | Wordpress
[rarerimages] Tinting Her Temporary Tattoo Location: White Beach,

philippines tattoo design

Location: White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
Phoenix Red bird of

philippines tribal tattoo

Red bird of fire you come forth through your ashes a new bird shedding the old self which no longer is needful.

Three random tattoo ideas

Putz! Agent se diverti

tattoo de uma estrela azul

Agent se diverti sempre! pra sempre! ¬¬' Hist&Geo
new tattoo joker from bicycle

tattoo joker cards

joker from bicycle deck of cards.