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The Cobrasnake @ Tattoo The Cobrasnake hosts

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The Cobrasnake hosts Timebomb Tuesdays @ Tattoo Rock Parlour during Fall Fashion Week 2009
The Eyes Have It

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Color Tattoos Color

Color Tattoos

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Color Color Tattoos
Lesbian & Gay Pride (161) - 25Jun11, Paris (France) [Taken in Paris

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[Taken in Paris (France) - 25Jun11] See all the photos of this event, chronologically put, in this set : 25Jun11 - Lesbian & Gay Pride [Event] See all the random portraits in this set : Portraits [Random] See all the body art photos in this set : [Body Art] [This reporting contains nude pictures that you can not see, unless you're signed in on flickr (and have your safe filter off). To see them, you can also use this link : ---- Ce reportage contient des photos de nu que vous ne pouvez voir, à moins d'être inscrit sur flickr (et d'avoir désactivé le filtre de sécurité). Afin de les voir, vous pouvez également utiliser ce lien :]
Tattoo by Khan My name is

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My name is Khan(칸). I am a tattoo(타투) artist from South Korea. I have been professionally tattooing since 2001. I never imagined that I would be a tattoo artist until I saw the traditional Japanese tattoo. Actually, I wanted to be an Architect like Antonio Gaudi.( It is still one of my dreams though :D) One day I met Japanese Yakuza, who has traditional Japanese tattoo. It was amazing and inspiring as a piece of art on human's body. I think that was a turning point in my life. First I started to practice on my whole body. Then I opened my own studio in Tokyo and became a tattoo artist. As a foreigner It was not an easy to be a traditional tattoo artist in Japan. But it has been a decision I had never regretted. Tattooist is the most awesome job in the world. Lately, I have been doing a lot of color realism and My style called Neo-Fantasy, attending various conventions and doing many guest spots in studios in both Europe and the United States. I travel a lot and enjoy working with my friends and artists from overseas. These experiences have been and always will be precious moments of my life. I am still learning a lot from my works and always think my best art is my next one! To collect my custom tattoos please contact with me via e-mail : 韓国生まれ。韓国人. 2001年、日本の東京でタトゥーを独学で学び、初代彫韓という名で活動。2004年初めにイギリスのロンドンに渡英。メタル・モホシス、ズル・タトゥーに所属。現在は 国際Tatoo Team"KIDS LOVE INK"に所属されてる唯一のアジア人タトゥーイスト(Khan)として活動中。和彫をはじめ、ウエスタンスタイル全てを得意とするが、個人的には自己流の「ネオ・ファンタジータトゥー」と Portrait Tattooを最も得意とする。2007年~現在イギリスは勿論、アメリカやフランス等...全世界を舞台にして活動中。海外を行き来しながら海外からのタトゥーイストたちを招いて、日本にももっと沢山のタトゥーカルチャーを広めていきたいと思ってます!
Hannah 13 <b>About</b>
saw the location

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About saw the location from the outside several times driving by,had an hour to spare,so we took a few test shots inside. where? abandoned warehouse who? girlfriends older sister hannah the shot shot with a canon 24-70L @ 25mm 1/125sec @ f/5.6 nikon sb28 fired into a 37" reflective brolly high behind camera angled down @ 1/8 power all critique and comments welcome
Daisy of Love - Season Finale! Tune In Sunday July 26 @ 9pm ET/PT Daisy De La

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Daisy De La Hoya from VH1's Daisy of Love
Simple henna on Mariam for Eid A beautifully simple

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A beautifully simple floral design. Love it.

Three random tattoo ideas

Done, the little dragon... Scorpions Tattoo Studio

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Scorpions Tattoo Studio R: Vergueiro, 2507 - Vila Mariana São Paulo - SP - BR (55 11)5084-5233 (55 11)5084-0056