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photo 2 An Australian woman

pictures of moroccan henna

An Australian woman found a Moroccan design I did ( that she liked so much she redrew it and had it tattooed. I really love how it looks as a tattoo and she seemed so happy with it (she sent me a photo of her with a huge smile on her face).
bffs [film]. from <a href="">day

pictures of tattoo for girls on hands

from day 156. my two bestest friends in the entire world. 8 years strong and going. view some others from this day here, here, and here
Eye Of Horus Esta foto no

pictures of the eye of horus tattoos

Esta foto no la he hecho yo...
bird-logo&name-invert-billboard-square Ferbs Tattoo Undercover

tattoo coverup pictures

Ferbs Tattoo Undercover Logo - Remix 2
TEARDROP (cover by DECEIT) on Vimeo by Riccardo Bernardi directed by_RICCARDO BERNARDI

teardrop tattoos pictures

directed by_RICCARDO BERNARDI make up & hair_ANIA MELNIKOVA model_RIA E. MAC CARTHY music by_DECEIT Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Riccardo Bernardi.
cupcake tattoo this is my

cupcaketattoo pictures

this is my first tattoo, it is a cupcake, me and my best friend now have matching cupcake tattoos. it was done by Myk Gilday ( ) at Peacock's Tattoo in Jacksonville, Florida (he has moved shops since then and is now at Autograf Tattoo in Jacksonville, Florida. )
Closeup of Matt's "Tattoo" Matt was very

jack lost tattoo pictures

Matt was very patient as I drew it on with permanent marker.
moon pauljpg My new tattoo

music producer tattoo pictures

My new tattoo "Paul".
My first tattoo's Got my first

iceland tattoo pictures

Got my first two tattoo's today! It was not as painful as I thought, I had prepared for the worst but it really wasn't that bad. +1 in comments tumblr
An Horse @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver | 08.06.2010 - photo

indie tattoo pictures - photo (c) sarah bastin / Le HibOO
Baby's First Tattoo Baby's First Tattoo

babys pictures tattoo

Baby's First Tattoo from Stitch n Bitch Nation KnitPicks Essential Yarn in Black and Fawn Size 2.5 Addi Turbos
IMG_6365 Mini Run London

brighton tattoo con 2009 pictures

Mini Run London to Brighton 2009
eurypterid tattoo (2) the best thing

fossil tattoo pictures

the best thing NY is known for (eurypterids, that is) by Erich at Rise Above in Buffalo NY
Transfer Sheet - Circus Arrived in the

japan tatoo pictures

Arrived in the mail today (blogged). Thank you Elaine!

Three random tattoo ideas

Earthworm Jim Returns! You may of

earth sleeve tattoo

You may of saw way back the beginning of the gem. Now its completely done, and by god she's a beauty. We got Peter Puppy, Princess whats-her-name, Queen slug-for-a-butt, Bob the killer goldfish (with number4), Psy-Crow, and of course Jim & Snot. We also have little cameos by Evil the Cat, with Toejam & Earl. I know Queen SFAB isn't the greatest BUT considering what she covered up, it looks pretty damn good.
Scorpion skin ink Huatulco, mexico

cancun tattoos

Huatulco, mexico