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n1472400181_30073247_9120 ahaha. i love

pictures of unique tattoos for girls

ahaha. i love this picture. i didn't even know it was taken. is so us though.
 By Dave Kruseman


pictures of wings and rose tattoos

By Dave Kruseman Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery 8412 Grady Street Douglasville, GA 30134 (770) 489-1699
Li Village Weavers - Hainan Tattooed women weave

pictures of women foot tattoos

Tattooed women weave traditional clothing. Remote Li Village - Hainan Island, May, 2011.
Skull Cluster Wrist tattoo inspired

pictures of wrist tattoos right after being done

Wrist tattoo inspired by the Catacombs of Paris. Obviously unfinished. One of my most painful tattoos ever!
I cut my own hair again. It's interesting how

tatto pinoy pictures

It's interesting how jealousy can cause me to make changes in my life. In this case, I felt ugly, so I made the change to a different hairstyle to attempt and feel sexier. Not sure if it's working, but I needed a change.
Hanakapi'ai Valley Hike

tattoo pictures clouds
Ready or Not Can Happen.... !

tattoos for girls pictures

Can Happen.... !
Bring The Pain This one really

freemason tattoo pictures

This one really hurt.
Chris sleeve hand granade Tattoo done at

grey shaded tatoo pictures

Tattoo done at Red Dog Tattoo, Benalmadena Costa, Malaga, spain
SXSW 2009 SXSW 2009 -

girl tattoo pictures austin

SXSW 2009 - 6th Street - Pulp Fiction Tattoo Photo by Bill Oriani

Three random tattoo ideas


him ambigram

This Ambigram is my entry for this month's Ambigram challenge. And, with the theme being famous pairs, I couldn't think of a better duo who would fit this artform more perfectly. The design is a Jekyll / Hyde rotational Ambigram with design work that's meant to display the dichotomy of the two personalities that exist within the single literary character: the first being the docile, bland, almost boring personality of Dr. Jekyll and the second being the contemptuous, slimy, murderous personality that embodies his alter ego, Mr. Hyde. I hope you enjoy. Information about custom Ambigrams can be found on my website.
International Sao Paolo's Carnaval,

brazilian flag

Sao Paolo's Carnaval, February 2, 2008