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untitled. Piotr.
4th of September,

piercednipple pics

Piotr. 4th of September, 2012. Facebook. | Tumblr. | Twitter.
the bloody part took the longest a piece of

piercednipple pictures

a piece of meat.

Three random tattoo ideas

heart tattoo custom tattoos by

tattoos of name ryan

custom tattoos by Ryan at Stained Skin Newark, Ohio
Junque Michal Makarovich, proprietor

tattoos maryland

Michal Makarovich, proprietor of Hampden Junque showing off his Domino Sugars Tattoo.
NudNik My tattoo'd feetsies.

jewish tattoo

My tattoo'd feetsies. :D Nudnik is Yiddish for "Pain In The Ass". My grandpa gave me this nickname when I was in diapers, and he still calls me it. Yes, it freakin hurt. I am going to get it touched up soon. I will probably be adding white to the kitty, and make the Star of David blue. I am addicted to Tattoos.