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pineapple sold

pineapple tattoo flash

Tattoo Progression: Sitting # 3, Add on, final- with all shading and red high lights Healed- Finished Front

tattoo pineapple

Healed- Finished Front View Simpson's fans--I know you know the qoute
YAY FOR LIFE! Yay for life!


Yay for life!
The Pineapple that rests on my lower back In Catalunya (Spain),

tattoo designs pineapple

In Catalunya (Spain), to tell people to "make a pineapple" (fer pinya) means to tell them to stick together through thick and thin, which is why my mother and I both have the pineapple on our backs

tattoo of pineapple
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Three random tattoo ideas

Iris Here is a

tattoos of the iris flower

Here is a pic of the same Iris foot tattoo. A lil more detail in this pic.
best friend tattoo I realize that

bestfriend tattoo on foot

I realize that this is a bad picture, but I'd just like to share with you my second tattoo. For those familiar, it's a water-type pokemon, Piplup. My best friend and I got this as her birthday present for turning 18 - a reminder that we'll always be with eachother every step of the way throughout life, my own personal love for penguins, and our childhood memories of pokemon growing up.