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pineapple sold

pineapple tattoo flash

Tattoo Progression: Sitting # 3, Add on, final- with all shading and red high lights Healed- Finished Front

tattoo pineapple

Healed- Finished Front View Simpson's fans--I know you know the qoute
YAY FOR LIFE! Yay for life!


Yay for life!
The Pineapple that rests on my lower back In Catalunya (Spain),

tattoo designs pineapple

In Catalunya (Spain), to tell people to "make a pineapple" (fer pinya) means to tell them to stick together through thick and thin, which is why my mother and I both have the pineapple on our backs

tattoo of pineapple
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Three random tattoo ideas

IMG_1362 kpow's injury

elbow tatoo

kpow's injury
Lexy Hell Lexy Hell, from

tatuagem london

Lexy Hell, from Berlin, Germany. She's model and 23 years old. London celebrate the 6th edition of the tattoo convention where, this year the convention was changed by the organizateurs, Hells Angels. They opening up areas, rooms and attraction to offer more to meet the most demanding needs of all the tattoos fans who look to this yearly appointment, which is one of the main events in the European tattoo circuit. The numbers speak clearly: 20.000 visitors for the 2008 and 2009 convention with increasing media interest. This is wath make London the number one event in the world. The convention was moved to Tobacco Dock: a beautifull Victorian building totally renovated, located in the heart of London, a few minuts from the Tower Bridge. London; GB - 25/09/2010. Photo: Emiliano Capozoli / SIPA PRESS