Plumeria - Tattoowise

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IMG_1946 Spirit of Aloha

plumeria hibiscus tattoo

Spirit of Aloha Tattoo
Hawaiian Souvenir My new tat.

hawaii plumeria tattoo

My new tat. Got it on the last evening of our trip. It's on the back of my left ankle.
Henna Tina gets a

henna plumeria tattoo

Tina gets a plumeria ring around her ankle.
Hibiscus and Plumeria - Front view This is a

plumeria tattoos

This is a front view of the Hibiscus and Plumeria shoulder piece.
My arm in bloom :-) now I

tattoo flower plumeria now I know how hard it is to take a photo of my own arm, LOL. I thought I'd give you a close-up of my ongoing full sleeve, it's been completely outlined but the 'colouring in' is only halfway...quite a few sessions to go already! Tattoo artist: Ken Patten of The Tattoo Station , Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
outline work.... latest session he

plumeria tattoo no color

latest session he worked on the tropical foliage outlines as well as some flowers that are in there. Also did the outline work on the Mayan temple in the background, Chichen Itza--that will be a partial cover-up of some existing flowers I had. Hard to imagine what it will look like when it's all finished with color, so excited! Next session, Feb 18th...
Native American Hummingbird Tattoo w/Plumeria My newest tattoo.

plumeria and hummingbird tattoo

My newest tattoo. It's taken three sessions to complete; each session was approx 3 hrs. The fine-line detail work takes a steady hand, an trained eye, and patience. This tattoo is located on my right-hand side rib cage - yes it hurt . . . more than any of the previous tats I've ever had! More that any other tattoo I have, this one has special and significant meaning. I am very pleased with how it turned out. Artist: Tarah Pennington, Two Birds Tattoo, Seattle WA.
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Three random tattoo ideas

LiveStrong Tattoo courtesy of

tatoo cancer picture

Tattoo courtesy of Island Tattoo. See map for details.
Max I've known Max

tattoos between brothers

I've known Max since before I lived in Minneapolis because he used to play in my friends band and spent quite a bit of time in Nebraska. Now that we're both in the same city we like to hang out occasionally and most of the time I end up feeding him and we just do whatever. Almost every time I hang out with Max he takes me to places in the city that I've never been before. Last night we went to a tower that overlooked minneapolis, and then we snuck up a rickety iron ladder to the top of an apartment building downtown and chilled on a rooftop. Max called the view "the screen-saver"... it was a pretty sweet view, and it even showed the time and temp! haha I'll have more shots up later :)