Polvo - Tattoowise

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Angel Caido del cielo...

polvo para tattoo

Caido del cielo... o que?
Tatuagem Polvo "capturado" na

polvo octopus fotos tatoo

Polvo "capturado" na Zombie Walk 2011
Eco End of Super

tatoo tatuagem polvo

End of Super Zipper series.
Mattina Tatuagens feitas por

tatuagem de polvo

Tatuagens feitas por JotapĂȘ Pabst entre 2007 e 2008.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Bunnyfish Beginnings Just a peek

full leg sleeve tattoos

Just a peek at the beginnings of my Kozyndan Bunnyfish leg sleeve. These photos were taken after two 6 hour sessions, but I've got at least a few more sessions to go before it's completed, including colouring, more black shading, and probably the addition of a few more bunnyfish. We started adding colour last week [another 6 hour session], but my leg is decidedly NOT photo-worthy just yet. P.S. Legs look funny when you photograph just a portion of the whole.
Tattoo design by Denise A. Wells Just finished this

tattoo art of vines with flowers

Just finished this one. Made it for myself. Pencil drawing completed on Sep. 18, 2009. More of my work can be seen at www.myspace.com/denyceangel666