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Angel Caido del cielo...

polvo para tattoo

Caido del cielo... o que?
Tatuagem Polvo "capturado" na

polvo octopus fotos tatoo

Polvo "capturado" na Zombie Walk 2011
Eco End of Super

tatoo tatuagem polvo

End of Super Zipper series.
Mattina Tatuagens feitas por

tatuagem de polvo

Tatuagens feitas por JotapĂȘ Pabst entre 2007 e 2008.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Roots. 1/19/2010 I finally

tribute tattoo for grandma

1/19/2010 I finally got around to shooting this concept I've had for over a year. The woman featured is my grandma, probably when she was in her 40s. I didn't know her well while she was alive. She primarily spoke spanish, and I was raised in english. And from the time I was about 7, she started getting really sick. From then on, I spent every weekend visiting her in and out of hospitals with my parents. I've never felt comfortable in hospitals, so I'd mostly sit quietly in a corner reading, or listening to my CD player. I didn't really appreciate her much, and when she passed away when I was 13, I wasn't really sure how to feel. Now that I'm older, I ask about her more. And the more I find out, the more I regret not being older & bilingual. From what I hear, she was one tough broad. She drank & smoked. And she could curse like a man. Loved her kids, and stood by her shitty husband because he was hers. She loved to dance, and she loved music. An
Propeller Evolution  USAF C-130J engine

hercules tattoo

USAF C-130J engine with a much older C-130H in the background showing the change of the Hercules over time. Pentax K20D www.peterreoch.com