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Angel Caido del cielo...

polvo para tattoo

Caido del cielo... o que?
Tatuagem Polvo "capturado" na

polvo octopus fotos tatoo

Polvo "capturado" na Zombie Walk 2011
Eco End of Super

tatoo tatuagem polvo

End of Super Zipper series.
Mattina Tatuagens feitas por

tatuagem de polvo

Tatuagens feitas por JotapĂȘ Pabst entre 2007 e 2008.

Three random tattoo ideas

26.365  follow the white rabbit Taken in the

white rabbit

Taken in the dark hotel room in Montréal. Another picture from the fairy tale series: Alice in Wonderland. One of my really absolutely favorite fairytales.. I wrote a termpaper about it and had a lot of interesting and controversial literature :) Don't worry, the rabbit is not a tattoo.. i googled white rabbit and found a graffiti of a white rabbit.. I drew this rabbit from the graffiti, which you can find here : www.woostercollective.com/2004/02/profile_white_rabbit.html
Mapping it out. Marco seeing where

chinese art tattoo sleeve

Marco seeing where to go next with the needle.