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Angel Caido del cielo...

polvo para tattoo

Caido del cielo... o que?
Tatuagem Polvo "capturado" na

polvo octopus fotos tatoo

Polvo "capturado" na Zombie Walk 2011
Eco End of Super

tatoo tatuagem polvo

End of Super Zipper series.
Mattina Tatuagens feitas por

tatuagem de polvo

Tatuagens feitas por Jotapê Pabst entre 2007 e 2008.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Day 232 - How I became Run Strong About six years


About six years ago, I weighed at least 50 lbs more than I do now. I say at least, because I stopped weighing myself at about 225. I couldn't change my eating habits, so about four years ago, I took up running. Took it up as in, ran to the end of the block before beginning to gasp for air. I probably logged a total of ½ mile running/walking that day. The next time I ran a little further. Eventually, I built up to where I could run for over two hours without stopping. Eventually, I thought I'd try to run faster. I hit the track. Started logging the miles, recording split times, etc. Nothing. 9-10 minutes per mile, whether I was running a 5k or a half-marathon. I felt like maybe this shouldn't be my thing. Then, one day, I just decided I was going to "run strong". Not worry about my times. Just go. Push through the moments I wanted to stop. Keep going. Now, I really don't care if
Michael Poulsen VOLBEAT

Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisboa,

lisboa inc tattoos

VOLBEAT Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisboa, 19/05/10
Greenman Outline (Cropped) More tattoo, less

greenman tattoo

More tattoo, less gut. ;^)