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Polynesian designs on Chicken egg This egg inspired

hawaiian tattoo designs polynesian

This egg inspired the Ostrich egg that follows.
CONIL INK MORE THAN HENNÉ www.arterandagia.eu/

polynesian hand tattoo

traditional tattooing, tapping my version of...

polynesian tattoo on hip

my version of... playin' in my mates studio !
Neidinha tribal tatoo right arm tatoo

full arm polynesian tattoo

right arm tatoo Neidinha is grandmother
Tatuagem tartaruga polinésia- polynesian turtle tattoo WIP www.micaeltattoo.com.br/ Photo: Cláudia

polynesian tatau

www.micaeltattoo.com.br/ Photo: Cláudia F.
Hula Hula Boys I saw her

polynesian tattoo california

I saw her leave the luau, With the one who parked the cars. And the fat one from the swimming pool, They were swaying arm in arm. I could hear the ukuleles playing Down by the sea. She's gone with the hula hula boys She don't care about me. Taken July 11, 2009 at St. Joseph Church's annual Samoan luau in Santa Ana, California.
Fijian Warrior BBMaui, Oahu, Hawaii.

polynesian warrior

BBMaui, Oahu, Hawaii.

Three random tattoo ideas

symbolic Strobist Sundays --

anarchy tattoo symbol

Strobist Sundays -- theme: person part + prop thing These are my daughter's hands. I won't go into the whole complex, scary story here for those of you who don't know, but I will say that a year ago, at 18-1/2 years old, she quit college after one week, and walked out the door with only a backpack of possessions and very little money, determined to travel around the country. In that regard, she's been very successful, traveling by hitchhiking, sometimes by bus, hopping freight trains (yes! hopping freight trains!) , walking, getting generous offers from people she meets...finding possibilities. She's been up and down the west coast, back and forth in the midwest, through the southwest and the south, and up the east coast as far as NY. While there is much about what she's doing I don't agree with morally or philosophically, and as her parent I know there is much danger to be concerned about, still I can understand how doing what she is doing is benefiting her. She's been staying
Aztec Skull Tattoos Photo taken by

mexican tattoo skulls

Photo taken by Sherrie Thai of Shaireproductions.
leg_tattoo my favourite tattoo

tattoo yellow roses

my favourite tattoo