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1601 Amanda Jones

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Amanda Jones
6 Self Portrait.

My tattoo

poppy girl tattoo

Self Portrait. My tattoo says "Born to raise hell". It's the same tattoo my poppy has on his right arm, just done in a different font. I think this proves I love him more than anything <3
I have never wanted to pick a scab so bad. It's just right

flower poppy tattoo

It's just right there, looking all gross and super scabbed, like it wants to be free. But I know not to, besides, I got the fresh scab stuck in my sweater originally, which is why I got this re-inked the other day. Cross your fingers that it heals well, I'm ready for it to look pretty.
Forever Venus Flytrap tattoo,

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Venus Flytrap tattoo, Edinburgh
Field Of Dreams www.facebook.com/the.darrencheshire www.darrencheshire.blogspot.com

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www.facebook.com/the.darrencheshire www.darrencheshire.blogspot.com
I'm poppy Last time, i

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Last time, i have a feeling that i miss adventures in my life... can't remember the last time when i did something totally different, something made me lose my mind, something that people shoot movies about... Maybe it is just summer has come and some hormones in my body are asking me for adventures)) Music: Chambao - Ahi Estas Tu (very nice lyrics - lyricstranslate.com/ru/Ahi-estas-tu-You-are-there.html)
♥ mailiteljiden

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morning crack Early morning, the

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Early morning, the first thing I see is always beautiful.
 Poppy @ Autopsy

poppy autopsy

Poppy @ Autopsy Designs
In Memoriam Nikon N8008s +

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Nikon N8008s + Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 + Fuji NPS 160
smokin' poppy The trouble I

poppy back tattoo

The trouble I go through to finally make a contribution to one of my first (and still favorite :) groups; smokin' nudes. Skottie here didn't mind. Shoot me, he said... uhm ... okay ...
WIP Back Lines and some

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Lines and some fill done.

Three random tattoo ideas

typewriter arm Taken and tattooed


Taken and tattooed by the wonderous Su Houston at Tatu Tattoo in Chicago.
13ª Convenção Internacional de Tatuagem 13th Tattoos' International

tattoo de tribal para as costas

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