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DSC_0060 - Sassy Assy models All of the

pornstar with tattoo on butt

All of the Sassy Assy models pose together for fans.
DSC_0334 - Teagan Presley Teagan Presley looking

pornstar with butt tattoo

Teagan Presley looking smoking hot in a Rolling Stones bikini.
 series starts from

pornstar with tattoo

series starts from here
Gloss Jake Deckard

pornstar tattoos

Jake Deckard

Three random tattoo ideas

Dragon Design I did

leg mehndi tattoo design

Design I did at the Cherry Hill Arts Festival on August 1st, 2009. I did this dragon on a lady, but both guys and girls like this design. My name is Naseem Bokhari and I'm a henna artist located in Canton, MI. I do henna for parties, baby showers/pregnancy (on mother's belly), wedding/bridal or for individuals in the Canton, MI area or cities around there. If you are interested in an appointment or curious about my henna designs, contact me at:
10 minutes tattoo art... Modelo: Margie León

tattoo white rose

Modelo: Margie León
Branded A black and

back spinal tattoo

A black and white photo of me taken by my mom.