Porsche - Tattoowise

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Porsche Hand painted custom

tattoos porsche

Hand painted custom Porsche Vans for Natalie www.facebook.com/jlynntaylorart
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Three random tattoo ideas

Hanakobu-Akujyo Oil on canvas

japanese samurai mask

Oil on canvas Mask of an aged deity with a bump (kobu) jutting from the nose (hana), hanakobu akujō are used in performances of waki-noh. Aku, or “evil,” refers to a strong sense of austerity in Noh. The mask appears to have been modelled on the stronger facial features of foreigners, and has an imposing presence. The hanakobu akujō mask is often used to receive the decorative tori-kabuto headdress used in courtly performances, and this heavy-looking costume fills the stage with the strange atmosphere of a foreign land.