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Porsche Hand painted custom

tattoos porsche

Hand painted custom Porsche Vans for Natalie www.facebook.com/jlynntaylorart
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Three random tattoo ideas

Florentine Fleur de Lis Um, yeah.....so I

fleurdelys tattoo ideas

Um, yeah.....so I got a tattoo too! BTW- It's a Florentine (not French) fleur de lys which is what I have chosen as my device for the Society for Creative Anachronism done in my favorite color! :)
jeremy_binns_brandon_lexi 2nd attempt at

father tattoo for daughter

2nd attempt at upload. the compressed jpeg isn't showing the background on this shot which is kind of disappointing. I used the dad's tattoo as a background element that looks great in the original image, but not so great here. I don't shoot a lot of baby portraits, she pee'd twice. :-) tech info: large soft box in front center, beauty dish above and camera right, medium soft box behind and camera left.
Volcano Blue Henna Volcano Blue Henna

indian bridal mehandi design

Volcano Blue Henna Lexington, KY Will Travel Worldwide for you Event volcanobluehenna@gmail.com