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 I felt like

puzzle tattoo gallery

I felt like dabbling with some lomo effects. digital-photography-school.com/blog/how-to-make-digital-p...
Shot of the ink puzzle piece tatt.

tattoo piece of a puzzle

puzzle piece tatt.
Tattoo My new tattoo.

autism puzzle

My new tattoo. The autism puzzle pieces.
UFO Messing with some

puzzle pieces and tattoo

Messing with some color.
Beeba2 better photo of

puzzle pieces tattoos

better photo of puzzle piece mixed media
Beeba 1 painted for a

tattoo and puzzle pieces

painted for a friend for Mother's Day 2006. It is made with wood, marker, paint pens, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, pencil, paper & puzzle pieces from a yard sale.
Puzzle Piece Tattoo I am one

tattoo piece of puzzle

I am one of three. Our pieces connect, clearly it's a friendship tattoo.

Three random tattoo ideas

30th July 2008 Had my tattoo

foot tattoo initials

Had my tattoo done today! It has my children's initials and it hurt a lot! I already have a tattoo on my ankle but this one made me pass out! Oops! It's obviously a bit messy due to Savlon atm but i'm hoping it'll look good in a few days!
Welcome To Berlin With Stephan Schöneborn

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With Stephan Schöneborn