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Rain Gear and Beer Cups Comfest
Goodale Park
Columbus, Ohio


reggae tattoo art

Comfest Goodale Park Columbus, Ohio
EN MERA SESION Tatuandome mi cuarto

reggae skull tattoo

Tatuandome mi cuarto tattoo de una calavera de azucar muy colorida dedicado a mi madre
Art Collector ComFest
Goodale Park
Columbus, Ohio


tatoo de hippie reggae

ComFest Goodale Park Columbus, Ohio
ni izquierda ni derecha solo centro ♪♫Ni sumisos ni

tatuaje reggae

♪♫Ni sumisos ni pasivos--fallas de origen♪♫
Rock Face Geoff Weers of

music reggae tattoo

Geoff Weers of The Expendables shows some character during his show at The Venue in Gainesville Florida
Barter Tent Booth Official ComFest Goodale Park

reggae art tattoo

ComFest Goodale Park Columbus, Ohio
IRIE A tattoo that

reggae roots tattoo

A tattoo that I got done about 5 or 6 months ago, I think. It's just a little dedication to Rastafarian culture & the roots music scene down here in Hawaii. Inside the hands of Unity is the island of Oahu. A few people asked why I didn't put the whole island chain of Hawaii. I just put the island of Oahu because that's where I'm from specifically. People say, "Hooo, so MOKE now.." Not really. It's just something I wanted for myself. I.R.I.E. = I Respect I Eternally; which refers to the positive emotions that I want to live by every single day. Everything is good.
Clinton Fearon!! Tive a imensa

desenhos do reggae tatoo

Tive a imensa honra de fotografar a lenda do Reggae!!
Purple Flowers ComFest Goodale Park

tatto reggae

ComFest Goodale Park Columbus, Ohio
old school Front Page &

tattoo do reggae

Front Page & Explore #15. seen on the streets of port louis, mauritius
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Three random tattoo ideas

TaToO Viola.

neck tatoos

Viola. - Soberen 4 Karen Photography / styling

crazy tattoo sleeves

Photography / styling / hair / make-up all done by ( Yvonne van Dalen ). Check my website for more info on my work as a freelance photographer and make-up and hair artist.

tattoo addiction

NIGHT TRAWLER Acrylic on canvas 6/2008 Size: 22" x 28" (55.9 cm X 79.1 cm.) This painting has several other paintings under it's skin. That has caused some interesting "impasto" effects. This canvas has been worked, and re-worked, again and again. Underneath this image sleeps the bones of painted memories that only I can recall, and those memories are passing away as I write this description. At times this painting has been in my closet, under my table, faced against the wall, and purposefully forgotten. I have been working this canvas on and off for over a year. The "NIGHT TRAWLER" is the boat of my dreams. I would love to live on this boat. To glide from place to place on still and rough waters. Inside this boat is everything I have ever wanted or loved. In my imagination, I am this boat. It is my sanctuary, my retreat, my hideaway. No one can touch me here. I want to walk into