Riley - Tattoowise

eclipse yea..that tattoo is

riley tattoo

yea..that tattoo is stupid >.>
who else could play carlisle cullen yea, whoeva said

the name riley as a tattoo

yea, whoeva said this first, is a fucking moron! no one, and i mean NO ONE! can replace Peter Facinelli! DX
Riley's New Tat Riley's sporting a

tattoo name riley

Riley's sporting a new T-rex, courtesy of Terra Toys in Austin.

Three random tattoo ideas

GB tattoo este es favio

foto tattoo free

este es favio posando para que lo tatue... una locura los tatu de los brazos son reales el pecho ya la panza gracis a photoshop
Youth `08, Expression Photography Challenge- Picture 2 (Selected) Yup that is

tattoo girls malaysia

Yup that is right, finally I get to post my pictures that was selected for the competition that was held a month ago... Too bad I didnt win anything but I am happy that joined the competition. It was a great time meeting people and photographing them . This picture was the 2nd picture of the 3 I sent that was chosen and I titled it " Jump Around". Well, the theme of the contest was 'Expression' and I did my best in showing the theme in my interpretation. Anyway the results given were only special prizes and not the main ones as stated in the main website. Check it out here for the winning pictures: