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eclipse yea..that tattoo is

riley tattoo

yea..that tattoo is stupid >.>
who else could play carlisle cullen yea, whoeva said

the name riley as a tattoo

yea, whoeva said this first, is a fucking moron! no one, and i mean NO ONE! can replace Peter Facinelli! DX
Riley's New Tat Riley's sporting a

tattoo name riley

Riley's sporting a new T-rex, courtesy of Terra Toys in Austin.
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Three random tattoo ideas

my new tattoo My first session,


My first session, 2 hours 15 minutes to get the linework and shading. I'll go back on February 27th to get the color. Amazingly, it wasn't anywhere near as painful as the wrist. yay! design & work by Cesar @ Medusa Tattoo, Ithaca, NY
Giesha Black Widow Shop

geisha tattoos on leg

Black Widow Shop Manila, Philippines