Riley - Tattoowise

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eclipse yea..that tattoo is

riley tattoo

yea..that tattoo is stupid >.>
who else could play carlisle cullen yea, whoeva said

the name riley as a tattoo

yea, whoeva said this first, is a fucking moron! no one, and i mean NO ONE! can replace Peter Facinelli! DX
Riley's New Tat Riley's sporting a

tattoo name riley

Riley's sporting a new T-rex, courtesy of Terra Toys in Austin.
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Three random tattoo ideas

1-14-11 Day 14 of 365 Thinking man. Have

the thinking man tattoo

Thinking man. Have had a lot on my mind the past few days. Have a really big decision to make, and completely uncertain which way is the right way to go.


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Tattoo com história - Vida Simples 42/365 Essa tattoo eu

tattoo de estrelinha

Essa tattoo eu fiz em homenagem a minha querida Tekinha, que agora é essa estrelinha que brilha lá no céu!