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noah R.I.P Noah <3

memorial rip tattoo

R.I.P Noah <3 Tattoo Betty's Factoryville, PA
SOLVE memorial tattoo Based on one

free tattoos rip

Based on one of his pigeon drawings.
Paalam, Smith. Tulad ng iyong

tatoo rip

Tulad ng iyong mga burda, ang iyong mga alaala, sa amin naka tatak. Ang iniwang mong pagkakaibigan, na kahit sa kababawan, Sana aming natumbasan ng kahit kaunting galak, Di man inaasahan, na ang aming huling kaway, Ay syang huling pamama alam na rin pala, Batid namin na sa hangganang ito, sa kabilang ibayo ikaw ay tunay nang masaya... Paalam Joseph Smith ... - Escolta, Manila.
Tattoo Rip Yourself Open,

free rip tattoo

Rip Yourself Open, Sew Yourself Shut tattoo before it started peeling
The world hurled onto his back.... "The secret is


"The secret is this, there is no secret." Ciggies and beer...:)
Tear Inspired by Mark

rip flower tattoo

Inspired by Mark Ryden
Remembered In Paint!! Rest in paradise

rip tattoo images

Rest in paradise dmise
eye of the dragon rip tear dragon's

skin rip tattoo

rip tear dragon's eye
IMG_0314 I couldn't choose

rip on wrist tattoo

I couldn't choose which one.. I got a tattoo the other day on April 18! It's in memory of my dad. The 18th was the second year since his passing. It hurt so much, but it was completely worth it. I love it so much. c:
Skin Rip Ahhhhh my leg!

rip skin tattoo

Ahhhhh my leg!

rip memorial tattoo

RIP valentino Tattoo of rest

rip tattos on the arm

Tattoo of rest in peace valentino on arm.
tat This tatto is

angel rip tattoo

This tatto is on my right calf serves as a memory. I need to take one closer up.
I-N-K My tattoo. R.I.P

angel wings rip tattoo

My tattoo. R.I.P Papa.
ripcowboy_maria My 17 year

cross tattoo rip

My 17 year old cousin's first tatoo - in memory of her grandfather.

Three random tattoo ideas

Cover: Flesh Works 1 & 2 It's only the

trance art tattoo

It's only the samll image for the web. At the bottom you see my oldest rack-synth, the Novation A-Station. Till now i didn't use it really, but in the last days i played a little bit with it and made some new pure electronic sounds. The A-Station has 4 banks with 99 patches. In between bank 3 + 4 of my one is complete inited. Don't know why!? The tattoo is of course also made in my studio. Look for my tattoo album to see more of this. The music Flesh Works 1 & 2 is absolute pure electronic. Song 1 can be listened within a video in which you can make a little tour inside my tattoo-studio. Follow the link. More about this song 1 + 2 are both presented by flash streaming sound with a cool yahoo music player.
Tattooed tug o' war coach Lochearnhead Highland Games

scottish tattoos traditional

Lochearnhead Highland Games 2012 (including Stratheyre & Balquidder) Scotland