Rose - Tattoowise

Egyptian god tattoos Justin Harris tattoo

black rose sketch

Justin Harris tattoo
Maxine 072 Don't ya just

cute black rose tattoo

Don't ya just love the little black dress?
Commission work
Face-up +

every rose has its thorn

Commission work Face-up + tattooing on a Volks SDC Sora Hat and dress also made by me to thank the owner Wig pictured from Usagi Hime Eyes pictured are red glitter glass Detailed photos of all the tattoo work coming next
Lay Me Down ~ Day 81 Mmm rose petals.

rose with pearls tattoo

Mmm rose petals.
Free Bird (New Noah) 5 Noahs New look!

free rose tattoo pictures

Noahs New look! YAY! 3 piercings and 5 tattoos along with some body blushing and he is done, took me a few hours but I am so bloomin' happy with how it turned out Noah is a Luts Delf Shine and belongs to me!
I'm not afraid to die.. The start of

full arm rose tattoo sleeve

The start of my friend JJ's sleeve tattoo. The text reads "I'm not afraid to die, I was born like this", and are in relation to his heart problem.
BW ColOrs...... Sarah Patricia!

green rose tattoos

Sarah Patricia!
IMG_1113 Coral Skinnies

rose pearls tattoos

Coral Skinnies
Fly 'Til I Die Pencil

rose skull and wings tattoo

Pencil Photoshop
Autumn fan dance Mina's burlesque autumn

rose tattoo leaves

Mina's burlesque autumn fan dance (Seeing as the weather is still more like autumn than winter in the UK!)
And I dreamt of you Searching till I

rose tattoos for a shoulder

Searching till I find my princess whose passionate eyes cut right through me for what is life if love only exists in thy thoughts? what is romance if it is all fiction? nothing but a portrait left empty, a passing cloud of hurt by to meet my love in the flesh is to find my whole heart your heart breaks through me your love is the key longing for my hearts door to what day till I see sunrays shine upon your face I dream of you the way you look the beating of love in your heart your words are like the flowing of a spring, knowing thy love waits for me until eternity's end is this poetry or is this love's sickness engulfing my very being.
rose i will be

rose tattoos in ankle

i will be getting on my ankle / foot to represent my mum :)

Three random tattoo ideas

Stencil + Freehand Arte e tattoo

carpa koi japanese tattoo

Arte e tattoo exclusivas. Trabalho em progresso.