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coffin roses tattoo

To see the full list with prices go HERE Pricing will range from $20 thru $1000+. I rarely sell originals so there will be quite a few to choose from. Living costs money! If you're not on my mailing's a good time to sign up.
Ryans 3rd session. this is ryan..

tattoo gallery roses wings

this is ryan.. "HI RYAN!!" he thinks hes so hardcore, but he cried like a lil baby, i promise, im not lieing, i had to hold his hand.. muahahahahahaha.... ;] i keeed i keeeed! its coming along nicely, im thinking 3 more sessions to go! artist: johnny of inkfiend tattoo in alhambra, CA. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!
Script Bob Queiroz Brazilian

crown tattoos with roses

Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil -
Carrie Recently I have

roses tattoos on the stomach

Recently I have hit a bit of a creative wall, so I am trying new things. Thoughts are welcomed. Facebook me This is Carrie's first shoot, she will read the comments so please be respectful. FInd her on Model Mayhem;
Yellow Cat Rennie by

pearls and roses tattoo

Cat Rennie by Leo Friel
Carrie Facebook me

stomach roses tattoo

Facebook me FInd Carrie on Model Mayhem;
new by jason woods

diamond and roses tattoo

by jason woods
side view chris new tat.

tattoo diamond roses

chris new tat. first session was 6 hrs. he goes back in 6 weeks to finish it off.
shading, roses & leaves are done took 3.5 hours

roses and heart locket tattoo

took 3.5 hours - going back in 2 weeks for the rest (another 3 to 4 hours she reckons)
Dallas Model: Dallas FACEBOOK

tattoos of roses and swallows

Love Bites - Pen & Ink Artwork for a

tattoo snake roses

Artwork for a current project I'm working on.

Three random tattoo ideas

BeBoz and the Asurinis Video capture from

tattoo brazil tradition

Video capture from the film "Spirit of Boz in Xingu", a BeBoz - Ipiranga Foundation coproduction. Regiane Gonzalvez, representing Julien Friedler and BeBoz, encountered some Asurini indians, in Amazonia. Some have answered the "Around the Boz In 80 Years" questionnaires. Details :
Dan says I'm tough Tattoo by Fat

flowers tatto on neck

Tattoo by Fat Maggot
snake lady inspired from angelique

snake head tattoos

inspired from angelique houtkamp