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Nike Tattoo October 10, 2010

runners tatoo

October 10, 2010 -- Images from the course of the Chicago Marathon on a warm October day.
Salford Mill Salford Mill -

runners tattoos

Salford Mill - The Derby sixth
Post Race Exposure Bathgate Highland Games

tattoo gallery for runners

Bathgate Highland Games 2006
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Three random tattoo ideas

Unrecognizable BH Tattoo Convention

tattoo minas

BH Tattoo Convention 2011 - Brazil Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i
Pai Feliz dia dos

pai tatoo

Feliz dia dos pais pra todos os melhores pais do mundo, assim como o meu foi.
Snake Tattoo 02 My first tattoo

arm sleeve snake

My first tattoo after my first session.