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Nike Tattoo October 10, 2010

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October 10, 2010 -- Images from the course of the Chicago Marathon on a warm October day.
Salford Mill Salford Mill -

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Salford Mill - The Derby sixth
Post Race Exposure Bathgate Highland Games

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Bathgate Highland Games 2006

Three random tattoo ideas

Tattoos & Mortality, 287/365 Ok bare with

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Ok bare with my thought process on this because it is long. And if you don't follow me through with it then you're liable to get the wrong impression and think i'm being daft and insensitive. As i'm sure most of you know Jackass star Ryan Dunn was killed when he crashed his car the other day and the report came back that he was only identified because of his tattoos. A sad state to be in (despite the very actual possibilities that he was drunk at the wheel). Now a friend came into the shop today to chat to me and Phil and mentioned this story and when he did he said he thought of me...a charming start :P He wondered if i'd be recognisable by my tattoos were I in a horrific car crash. Well despite his morbid thought (thanks Hatton :P) I thought my portrait should represent this. This is why I asked you to wade through my thought process. This portrait isn't making light of Ryan Dunns situation (the thought could not be further from my mind) but instead on the idea that my f