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Nike Tattoo October 10, 2010

runners tatoo

October 10, 2010 -- Images from the course of the Chicago Marathon on a warm October day.
Salford Mill Salford Mill -

runners tattoos

Salford Mill - The Derby sixth
Post Race Exposure Bathgate Highland Games

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Bathgate Highland Games 2006

Three random tattoo ideas

Chaku - Palms - Paste off Henna Application and

bridal henna tattoo designs

Henna Application and Design by Ranjana Patel (Melodic Lotus). This photograph shows henna stain on Day 4 after henna was applied.
giving the Hei Matau Kimokeo stunned us

tattoos of hawaiian

Kimokeo stunned us all when he gave Aaron the Hei Matau (a stylized fish hook necklace) off his neck. He explained to us that it was given to him as a gift from a cheif in the Cook Islands. Aaron hasn't taken it off since.
Arms by Nigel Palmer Text from William

angel black and grey tattoos

Text from William Gibson's "Neuromancer", gears/cogs, grid lines and Derek Hess angel tattoo by Nigel Palmer, Nine Tattoo, Brighton, UK (Cogs on forearm as well as grids 2 days old, grey ink) (