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You Love A Dirty Mirror You love a

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You love a dirty table, Great Scrubs line. haha
[Stories of Skin & Ink] La modella è,

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La modella è, ovviamente, Lei. ♥ Il tatuaggio è di Mayastar . SONO SEMPRE ALLA RICERCA DI: modelle/i di Milano e zone limitrofe (o turisti a Milano anche solo per qualche giorno). Ho bisogno di un discreto numero di scatti, SOLO ritratti. Poco trucco e poco fotoritocco. NON hanno importanza età, bellezza, esperienza, etc. Ci fossero persone interessate, anche solo per qualche informazione in più, potete contattarmi privatamente qui su Flickr oppure all'indirizzo: [Oggetto: Ritratto]. *fine comunicazione di servizio :D * | Fluidr | Facebook fanpage |
Tegan and Sara @ Alix Goolden Hall (Rifflandia), Victoria | 25.09.2009 (c) Sarah Bastin

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(c) Sarah Bastin 2009 / le hibOO
Anybody seen my baby? ...She was more

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...She was more than beautiful Closer to ethereal With a kind of Down to earth flavor... The Rolling Stones
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Three random tattoo ideas

Your Demise - Noisefest Noisefest @ Reading

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Noisefest @ Reading Face Bar, Sunday 26th July 2009 Face Bar is a strange venue. I blooming love it mind, but strange....some days the lighting's awesome and my pics are wicked, and some days it's a bit blah and it's complete major effort. Which is how it was at the weekend. Not helped by my camera being very temperamental by locking up every 5 pics or so. gah. I got some pics I'm happy with though, and the entire day was pretty good. Was definitely worth the 2 hour drive to catch up with some friends and to see new material from The Arusha Accord and Devil Sold His Soul....two of my favourite UK bands. There are loads of pics from the show but I really don't want to start clogging up my flickr with pages and pages of live shots so I've just put up a few. This is the 5th show I've been to in the last year that Your Demise have played, yet this is the first time I've seen their set for various reasons. Ed's (ex. Centurion vocalist) first show with YD. They proper incited kids to
Paul Pham's Grey Winning photos that

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Winning photos that have been featured on my blog on a weekly basis.