Saxophone - Tattoowise

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holding down the beats What Cheer? Brigade

tattoo of a saxophone

What Cheer? Brigade AS220 May 16, 2008 Justice or Just Us Week
saxophone a part of

tatoo of a saxophone

a part of an in progress musical sleeve
l_0e093e8d28f50aef471028475469b798[1] black and grey

tattoo of saxophone

black and grey saxophone in picture frame tattoo
Saxophone tattoo My first tattoo,

tattoo saxophone

My first tattoo, done by Justin Stewart at Smokin' Guns in Beckley, WV. I'm a saxophone player. The Latin means: "Life is short. Art is long."
Handsome Chuck Handsome Chuck on

tattoos saxophone

Handsome Chuck on the sax with Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band at the 33rd annual Octoberfest in Harvard Square, MA. To see all of the photos in this set, please use this Flickr "Guest Pass" link: Only a few photos are marked as "public" to avoid flooding my regular Flickr stream. Photos from last year's Honk! and Octoberfest can be found here:
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Three random tattoo ideas

stomach henna paste off after paste removal,

henna design on stomach

after paste removal, both mandalas, in my sweet mickey shirt
Mundo Zen Tribal Wear Apresentando nossa linha

mundo tatoo tribal

Apresentando nossa linha de moletons... Todos confeccionados em moleton PA, de alta qualidade, com estampas em serigrafia de alta qualidade com 3 camadas de tintas por estampa. Enviamos para todo o brasil. Femininos R$90,00 Masculinos sem capuz R$90,00 Masculinos com capuz R$95,00 O frete varia de acordo com a regiao, basta enviar o seu cep que calculamos o valor via sedex ou encomenda normal. Qualquer duvida eh soh perguntar. Atenciosamente, Marcelo Garcia. Mundo Zen - Tribal Wear
31/366 Day 31: "Let

tattoo gallery for wrist

Day 31: "Let it Be" First of all: One month down, 11 more to go!! Congrats to everyone else who has made it this far!! Second, NEW TATTOO! I will probably explain the meaning on a later date, because i dont feel like getting into it right now. But basicly, if you don't know it's the title to a beatles song/album than you wouldn't get it anyway. ha. It's in MY handwritting, which is what all that is in the background. I searched high & low for a font i liked, and it was impossible. So when all else fails? My own handwritting. For the record, it REALLY is my own handwritting. You can ask everyone at Big Brain, it really is. My friends don't believe me because i have HORRIBLE penmanship, but i tried to make it look good. HA. Oh when i was there, another girl was getting a wrist tattoo.... THE BUDWISER CROWN. Hm, would i be wrong to guess mine is more meaningful. Something this visibl