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Stay Classy Model - MUA

old school

Model - MUA - Hair Stylist : Fanny "Lady Diamond" ( ) Shoes : Iron Fist Strobist : - one beauty dish on the left @1/8 - one softbox on the back right @ 1/16 Thank John for the place. Big size is better as always
Will's Zombie Pigeon - DONE i didnt tattoo

old school bird

i didnt tattoo it...but it looks tight on skin
Oldschool Swallow Skate Deck For sale at

old school bird swallow tattoo

For sale at For sale at (Europe) and (U.S.) Check out my website for original paintings and prints, skate decks, along with commissioned work such as portraits, drawings, tattoo/tattoo designs and murals.
★ Eskimo Tattoo - Ink session ★ Voilà les hirondelles...

old school bird tatoos

Voilà les hirondelles... ça sent le printemps !
old school angelique houtkamp tattoo Craigy Lee Tattoo

old school bird tattoos

Craigy Lee Tattoo Artist 26 High St. Ealing London United Kingdom (uk) 020 8840 7717 (Studio)
[aquarelle] death girl Girls & skulls

old school butterflies

Girls & skulls have been my obsession lately.
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Tattoo Flash Card Can anybody take

old school card tattoo

Can anybody take these doodles and turn them into the traditional style tattoos, like the Star Wars ones you see floating around? FYI - I can't draw faces nor old school tattoos. Just liked the idea and wouldn't mind a HHGTTG tatt haha =)
alice Bob Queiroz Brazilian

old school cat tattoos

Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil - 55 11 3813-7239
Cherry on Fire CHERRY Cherries have

old school cherry swallow tattoo

CHERRY Cherries have been used to symbolize feminine beauty as well as love and even divination. In ancient China they were a symbol of immortality or longevity. In Japan, the cherry was the samurai’s symbol. For these warriors, the crushing of the fruit’s flesh (to reach the hard pit within) was a symbol os sacrificing human flesh to get to the core of the person. In tattoo artwork, it is not uncommon to see the cherries paired, as they might come in nature. They can appear by themselves or sometimes in the mouth of a classic swallow. In these Western contexts, they take on a sexual overtone about virginity (and its loss) that is variously interpreted as “Gone forever” or “Here’s mine, Where’s yours?”. FLAMES Considered one of the fundamental elements of nature in many cultures, fire has conflicting symbolic associations, as one might expect for something that can wa
where i end and you begin. reggio cal. "I

old school clouds tattoo

reggio cal. "I will eat you alive There'll be no more lies." Radiohead - Where I End And You Begin.
harakiri pigeon commission work

old school dagger tattoo

commission work

Three random tattoo ideas

frog throat tattoo frog in your

throat tattoos gallery

frog in your throat? Tattoo by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto'
Endless Boundaries Tattoo Endless Boundaries Tattoo

cherub tats

Endless Boundaries Tattoo Ingersoll Ont. Canada 519-425-4237 by Ganesa