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The Keys Of Fate Search For 'Livvy

old school script

Search For 'Livvy Shakespeare- Tattoo Artist' on Facebook- Get in touch for a tattoo consultation :)
Matt's sketch. I drew this

old school sketch

I drew this for a random kid who asked me to draw up a tattoo for him
sketch tattoo design!!!!!!!!

old school sketch tattoo

tattoo design!!!!!!!!
huesos Shots for Motorfucker's

old school skull tattoos

Shots for Motorfucker's catalogue, t-shirs, skirts and complemets. Fotos para el catalogo de mötorfucker, camisetas, faldas y complementos. Model/modelo: Gloria Stylist/estilismo:Gloria y Lorena Make up/maquillaje: Me shot & edition: Me
Stitch'd Ink - pin up girl Carrie Finally I can

old school style pin up girl tattoo

Finally I can share with everyone what I've been busy working away on for the last few months and why I have been a crappy anti social wife / friend / daughter / blogger who'd rather stay at home sewing! My new "Stitch'd Ink" range of cross stitch kits. These babies have been a labour of love and a joy to create. All the patterns have been designed by me and are based on traditional old school tattoo designs. Each kit comes complete with everything you need to get stitching (minus the frame!) I hope you love them as much as I do! The kits will be available soon - details on my profile page. yay!
Nok 20 x 25cm

old school swallow bird tattoo

20 x 25cm Stenciled and freehand spraypaint on canvas. The gold around the bird didn't come out too well in the photo SOLD
Olskooljenny Tattoo by Denise

old school swallow tattoo ideas

Tattoo by Denise de la Cerda. Wearer- Frank. Done at Modern Electric in Jersey City, late 1990's.
self portrait ... flashgun held

old school swallows

... flashgun held by my left arm high to the left.F8 1/180th
 i realized that

old school swallows tattoos

i realized that i never put up a proper photo of my rose colored in. i used this for my blog, never got 'round to putting it up here, so here it is :] not that old, maybe 1 or 2 months i think.
Old School Tattoo Paulo Madeira
Tattoo Artist

old school tatto design

Paulo Madeira Tattoo Artist and BodyPiercer
Gambare Japan! Hand painted For

old school tatto gallery

Hand painted For more info about this paitning vsit this link: For more inormation about the Gambare Japan Project visit this link FACEBOOK: BLOG: TWITTER:!/chuckcarvalho
Throw it up Seen SEEN throw-up on

old school tattoo brooklyn

SEEN throw-up on a 1966 krylon bright silver enamel paper label.

Three random tattoo ideas

 brother; tattoo. a

firefighting tatoo

brother; tattoo. a maltese cross for firefighting.
Mc Anao ____________________________________________________________________ Se quiser

fundo de tatoo

____________________________________________________________________ Se quiser utilizar a foto, dê os devidos créditos a mim, e não use de maneira alguma a mesma com fins lucrativos; se quiser, por favor entre em contato:
♥ 15 de Janeiro de 1957 ♥ Fazias hoje 51

tatuagem sakuras

Fazias hoje 51 anos.... e a partir de hoje vais estar gravada não só no meu coração e nas minhas recordações mas também na minha pele... Tenho muitas saudades tuas mãe........