Scissors - Tattoowise

embroidery scissors I finally got

tatto of scissors

I finally got them!
snippety snip! my first tattoo.


my first tattoo. inside right forearm. by Miss Stacey Martin at Shaman Body Modifications (Austin, TX)
Short Back and Sides My morning walk

scissors tattoo design

My morning walk in Hawthorne, an easy artsy laid-back part of Portland - but isn't all of Portland like that? well, more so even than the rest - is pretty much an exercise in solitude. I'm still on New York time, so it's a comfortable part of the day in my brain, but the rest of this neighborhood isn't going any farther than coffee and the occasional baked good. The cooler shops won't open until much later in the day.
my scissor tattoo 002 My new scissor

stylist scissors tattoo

My new scissor tattoo
stork scissors! big ups to

tattoo of scissors

big ups to the lovely Mike Lussier at Art Freek in Providence.
mary ann forearm 2 Designed for a

hair scissors

Designed for a friend who is a hair stylist.
tattoo practice some healed tattoo

heart scissors tattoo

some healed tattoo experimets I did on myself. the cherryblossom is the first time using color, the other flower was a test to get a light and watercolor-like feel. the sewing tattoo was done only with color and I kind of like that softness!
Dot Scissors Tattoo Paulo Madeira Tattoo

black scissors tattoo

Paulo Madeira Tattoo Artist and BodyPiercer
try as she might she could not mend her broken heart So this is

hair and scissors with com tattoo

So this is both a mediocre image and... two days late? I just haven't gotten around to posting it. My baby girl landed in the ER, so i needed to be a good lil' mama and take care of her. So there wasn't enough time to go outside and do a shoot between classwork, and everything going on. So BAM mediocre slightly corny image.
Banner Banner from the

hair scissors tattoo

Banner from the Drastic Jo website - art by Drastic Jo, design by Kilted Chaos.
Picture 337 new bling antique

scissors tattoos

new bling antique scissors necklace from francesca.
Vanessa models the barter socks

tatoo of scissors
up3 For the love

tattoos of scissors

For the love of god, if you are looking for this style of tattoo, gis a shout

Three random tattoo ideas

13ª Convenção Internacional de Tatuagem 13th Tattoos' International

tattoos para as costas

13th Tattoos' International Convention - Brazil Organição: LEDS TATTOO Dias 17 e 18 de Outubro de 2009 Todas as fotos que estão neste site podem ser utilizadas em meios de comunicação. Para fotos em maior resolução (e melhor), por favor, mande-me um e-mail para: Obrigada! All photos in this site may be used in the media. For pictures in high resolution (and better), please send me an e-mail to: mari.janeiro @ Thanks! Todas las fotos en este sitio pueden ser utilizados en los medios de comunicación. Para las imágenes en alta resolución (y mejor), por favor envíame un e-mail a: mari.janeiro @ Gracias!
American Gemma I ran a

tatoo ape

I ran a picture a while back of Gemma Stone performing as J. Alfred Prufrock (click that link to see it) in the Alpha Psi Ecdysia Dungeons and Drag Queens (Rule 34 Burlesque) revue at SUNY New Paltz. But that's only part of Gemma's story. This is another part.
Monochrome2 Model: Michael

iso photo tattoos

Model: Michael