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footed I rehabbed a

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I rehabbed a great horned owl today at the MRP and she footed me through two layers of shirt when I was trying to catch her. Imagine what that would have looked like if it had been bare skin! (Three spots above and one below and to the right = an owl foot.) I have to say that her placement was too perfect - it's like she was grabbing my owl tattoo (which is on the inside of my left forearm)!
CAMERON Photo #49 //

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Photo #49 // View On Black Really really love this photo,and the colors in it.Took me a while to get him in a good spot,and a natural looking pose."I can't hold this pose for too long,you know." He makes a good model,but a little impatient haha.All worth it though for this. // El Mirage,Az
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Scratch and sniff stickers ("tattoos")
Edict Fish for Friday.

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Fish for Friday. Much better larger
gothic star Illustration of an

scratch tattoo design

Illustration of an abstract gothic star in a tattoo style

Three random tattoo ideas

Sarah D-Lite4's. Behind (power

cute irish tattos

D-Lite4's. Behind (power 3.7) into Lastolite HiLite (6x7), and infront high angled down with softbox (power 3.1). Prolinca Infra-Red trigger.
70/365...Wings Playing with double

butterfly tattoo with ribbon

Playing with double exposures Inspired by aaaamandaaaa and all of her many amazing layered photos. ew flickr sharpening... ew. Hey everyone, still need opinions on my best photo, so leave me a comment with your favorite photo!
LeBron James the King with No Rings LeBron James, the

image de kobe

LeBron James, the King with No Championship Rings.