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It's not my tattoo... it's just one I like. I added a bunch of photos of Tattoos I like either as is or with modifications to add to my blog page. I guess I just forgot to add on my Flickr site that these weren't MY tattoos. I Like this one, with a different quote, just seems like a nicer use of space than some generic tribal tat like everyone else gets. I like the "special" tattoos.
Tattoo Progression: Sitting #1 Healed what started it

tattoo of a scroll

what started it all.... Post any food based tattoos at restaurants, waitresses, food logos, cooking, baking.... bring it
14/365: Tattoo I got this

heart with scroll tattoo

I got this tattoo when Craig was away at sea for a long time, when we lived back in Melbourne. I'd wanted a tattoo for some time but, having watched Craig endure the pain of a tattoo done in Sydney one time, was scared that it would hurt. I wanted to surprise him with something though and so, with the support of a couple of girlfriends and a bit of Dutch courage, I headed to the local tattoo parlour and got me some ink. I chose this very traditional design because Craig was a sailor, a profession notorious for these kinds of traditional designs. When Bev, the tattoo artist, got started and put the gun near my arm I was terrified, but once she actually began tattooing, I blurted out, "Is that it? It doesn't hurt at all!" And it didn't. Craig was very surprised when he got home and saw his name on my arm so it was very much worth it. By the way, we'd been married 11 years when I got it done (5 years ago now) but he's had my name tattooed on him since we were married les
Day of the Dead ~ "So it goes." ~ Kurt Vonnegut Volcano Henna By

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Volcano Henna By Melissa Banford Lexington, KY June 2011 Will travel worldwide
Who's Bad??! And The Whole

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And The Whole World Has To Answer Right Now/ Just To Tell You Once Again, Who's Bad . . . Goodbye Michael...
my two angels the name on

angel and scroll tattoo

the name on my back is my mom and thats my girlfriend next to me. They are like my angels.
Starting on the back Angel and Devil

angel scroll tattoo

Angel and Devil tattooed by Big Mike. Slammin Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing, WI. Arthur in Old English scroll by Daryl at his house, IL.
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Craigy Lee Tattoo Artist 26 High St. Ealing London United Kingdom (uk) 020 8840 7717 (Studio)
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I think I'm leaning towards #6 and #2 & #4. Before anyone asks, there is no symbolic significance of the star or the scroll pattern :) large view
Serenity Prayer Ragz Rejected~ Katalist

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Ragz Rejected~ Katalist Konsepts 619 S College #16 Fort Collins CO 80524 970-472-1675 Mon~Sat noon~8pm
DSC_5980-1 Designed and tattooed

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Designed and tattooed by Neal(aka my future husband) @ BlueFlame in Raleigh, NC I'M IN LOVE (it was still a little bloody, sorry)
My farewell... I got this

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I got this the week before I moved from Arizona. Being born and raised there, I felt a need to bid it farewell but still have the memories. This helps me remember the beauty of the place I grew up.

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 Orquidea Favoretti ‎(poemas

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Orquidea Favoretti ‎(poemas tatuados na pele do papel) Com o tema “As tatuagens verbais” venho retratar a “poesia em todos os sentidos”, com o objetivo de misturar poemas com elementos que permitam percepções diferentes das tatuagens. Qual o sentido, o porque e pra que. A in...tenção é levar a poesia a todos que querem ver. Pois afinal, o que mais é o nosso corpo além de poesia? Sendo transformados como telas das obras de artes dos mais variados artistas. Sem tabus, receios, vergonhas ou discriminação. Estou procurando pessoas que querem ser retratadas da forma que se realmente é. Como um espelho. Como obra de arte!
blackbird Clara

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Clara please don't hesitate to visit my facebook page: ! :) and before anyone asks: yes, the photo by leighton meester was the trigger for my friend to have herself photographed like this aswell. thank you.
#2 Shot & Shibari

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Shot & Shibari by Miguel Makido