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gypsy lady Done by Tom

black gray shading

Done by Tom Ruki at Tenacious Tattoo Seffield
TimsTattooShading-0007 New shading on

shading flames tattoo

New shading on Tim's tattoo.
Rose Henna Volcano Henna By

tattoo shading healing

Volcano Henna By Melissa Banford Lexington, KY June 2011 Will travel worldwide
Koi Carp Sleeve Shading and Colour 02-04-2010 10-33-13 Final colour and

koi shading

Final colour and shading on the Koi sleeve. All work completed by Nico from One Love Tattoo, Geneva, Switzerland
Metroid Tattoo Black shading underway

shoulder tattoo shading

Black shading underway
Tattooing continues... My next victim,

hibiscus shading tattoo

My next victim, a spaghetti squash, undergoing a treatment of flowers and leaves. Practicing with the machines, getting a better feel for the tools and steps. Mainly getting a hang of what to expect out of shading, though much can't be done when the squash is turning into mush after one or two passes. I'm loving this.
When The Night Comes Mania de pintar

tattoo color shading

Mania de pintar me persegue agora.
element tattoo supplies tattoo machines Chrome Tribal 200-Series

tattoo tribal shading

Chrome Tribal 200-Series Tattoo Machine is ideal for apprentice or experienced artist. Assembled with standard tattoo machine parts that can easily be replace at no hassle. Weights around 6-7 oz making your tattoo experience smooth and painless. Quick to tune as liner or shader Find Here
Rose Henna Stain Volcano Henna By

rose tattoo shading design

Volcano Henna By Melissa Banford Lexington, KY June 2011 Will travel worldwide
Dragon sleeve additional shading 2 All work completed

dragon tattoo shading

All work completed by Nico from One Love Tattoo, Geneva, Switzerland
190/365 Mostly done with

flowers tattoo shading

Mostly done with the black work. The finished product looks absolutely nothing like this. It's beautiful!
Paul Sleeve II Inside part to

roses tattoo shading

Inside part to Pauls gorilla sleeve. While it may seem a random collection of subjects each element of this piece has a significance to his family!!! Add a caption Tattoo done at Red Dog Tattoo, Benalmadena Costa, Malaga, Spain.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Absolem: The Caterpillar Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland tattoo design

Alice in Wonderland Concentration: Caterpillar
Tattoo I recently turned

butterflies on foot tattoo

I recently turned 18, and I got my first tattoo with my birthday money. It means a lot to me, and I'm really happy with it. These aren't the best pictures, and I was just messing around anyway. I'll take more later.
Sometimes I don't wanna feel and forget the pain is real. <b>Sigues buscando desesperadamente

roots branches tattoo

Sigues buscando desesperadamente ese lugar en el mundo. Piensas que puedes llegar alto, mientras esperas sentada sin hacer nada. Crees que los sueños se cumplen solos, pero sabes que estas equivocada. Prefieres fingir que no lo sabes, igual que prefieres fingir que todo está bien y que no te importa seguir aquí. Te mientes a ti misma sabiendo que es lo que más odias, escondiéndote detrás de esa máscara de chica fuerte y fría. Deseas con todas tus fuerzas demostrarle al mundo todo lo que puedes hacer, pero te abrigas en un sin fin de inseguridades que no te llevan a ninguna parte. Te levantas para ir a ninguna parte, buscando tu lugar en el mundo. So many things to do and say, but I can't seem to find my way and I wanna know how. I know I'm meant for something else, but first I gotta find myself. But I don't know how. Oh, why do I reach for the stars when I don't have wings to carry me that far? I gotta have roots before branches to know who I am, before I know who I wanna be. And faith to take chances, to live like I see a place in this world for me. Sometimes I don't wanna feel and forget the pain is real, put my head in the clouds. Oh, start to run and then I fall. Seein' I can't get it all without my feet on the ground. There's always a seed, before there's a rose. The more that it rains, the more I will grow. Whatever comes, I know how to take it. Learn to be strong, I won't have to fake it. Oh, you're understandin', but when you come and do it best, there ain't nothin' to stoppin' east to west. I'm not sure if this is right, but I'll still be standing. I'll be standing.