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gypsy lady Done by Tom

black gray shading

Done by Tom Ruki at Tenacious Tattoo Seffield
TimsTattooShading-0007 New shading on

shading flames tattoo

New shading on Tim's tattoo.
Rose Henna Volcano Henna By

tattoo shading healing

Volcano Henna By Melissa Banford Lexington, KY June 2011 Will travel worldwide
Koi Carp Sleeve Shading and Colour 02-04-2010 10-33-13 Final colour and

koi shading

Final colour and shading on the Koi sleeve. All work completed by Nico from One Love Tattoo, Geneva, Switzerland
Metroid Tattoo Black shading underway

shoulder tattoo shading

Black shading underway
Tattooing continues... My next victim,

hibiscus shading tattoo

My next victim, a spaghetti squash, undergoing a treatment of flowers and leaves. Practicing with the machines, getting a better feel for the tools and steps. Mainly getting a hang of what to expect out of shading, though much can't be done when the squash is turning into mush after one or two passes. I'm loving this.
When The Night Comes Mania de pintar

tattoo color shading

Mania de pintar me persegue agora.
element tattoo supplies tattoo machines Chrome Tribal 200-Series

tattoo tribal shading

Chrome Tribal 200-Series Tattoo Machine is ideal for apprentice or experienced artist. Assembled with standard tattoo machine parts that can easily be replace at no hassle. Weights around 6-7 oz making your tattoo experience smooth and painless. Quick to tune as liner or shader Find Here
Rose Henna Stain Volcano Henna By

rose tattoo shading design

Volcano Henna By Melissa Banford Lexington, KY June 2011 Will travel worldwide
Dragon sleeve additional shading 2 All work completed

dragon tattoo shading

All work completed by Nico from One Love Tattoo, Geneva, Switzerland
190/365 Mostly done with

flowers tattoo shading

Mostly done with the black work. The finished product looks absolutely nothing like this. It's beautiful!
Paul Sleeve II Inside part to

roses tattoo shading

Inside part to Pauls gorilla sleeve. While it may seem a random collection of subjects each element of this piece has a significance to his family!!! Add a caption Tattoo done at Red Dog Tattoo, Benalmadena Costa, Malaga, Spain.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Dad's Dedication Tattoo This tattoo was

mustang tatoo

This tattoo was done by Kyle at New Tribe My tattoo has finally come to be. The 4 years of waiting are over. I used some existing tattoo design and added a personal touch to relate to my father and his struggle to combat Leukemia. I added my 2 kids initials as I know how much he loved them, they sit on each side of him as their first initials. I was by his side for the struggle and saw his fight. I can never forget his courage and strength and at times his endurance of constant needles for transfusions and IVs. My tattoo application cannot compare. He is and will always be a true inspiration to me as a father and a human being. As so many cancer patients are. The tattoo represents the struggle within the blades of Leukemia that held him down and prevented him from being free. The constant blood transfusions, the emergency visits at 3am, the visits to chemotherapy, the specialists and oncology doctor visits. The circle representing the final days at St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto. He knew what God had in store. He spoke with me about upcoming issues and told me what to do in the future for my family, my mom and my kids. For that I listened to every syllable he spoke of and I can still hear the words from his mouth. If ever I looked up to him, that was the time I cherished the most. Yet with so much seriousness we always had time to make a joke or a laugh together, a truly great memory for me. My father as with his father always dealt with pain and stress with laughter and humour. Something I see myself doing today, even with my kids. One of his greatest gifts. The mustang horse breaking away from the circle represents the final freedom of pain, needles, doctors, radiation, emergency rooms, tests, exams, poking, probing and everything that came with Leukemia. Now free and at peace. He knew he would be leaving this world and cherished every moment with me, my wife, kids and my mom. I wear his memory on my arm, exactly where I what him to be, my right arm indeed. My greatest hero, friend and father. In his last few days, although still a secret, I told him, he was to become yet again a grandfather as our girl was on her way to be born 7 months later. To him I dedicate this tattoo. And I hope when he see's it now, he knows, it is a symbol of his struggle and strength and it will never be forgotten by me and hopefully be anyone who sees it and asks what it represents. Manuel Goncalves 1937-2003 Thank You For Listening!! Many thanks to "Kyle" at New Tribe for an amazing job. This was my first time for a tat and he made it a breeze. I would definitely recommend him and New Tribe Thanks Kyle and New Tribe!
still fresh Some of the

dagger tattoo with wings

Some of the colours are on now, but I had a migrain, so it was imposible to do the whole thing, and the pattern bit took alot longer than he thought, so I probably have like 1-2 hours left.. handywork: Jimmy Duvall