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I've always found something interesting about pictures in which there are multiple people, but they're not visibly interacting with each other. And here, only one face is facing us...
hair cutting shears with carnation morning glory lily of the morning birth flowers Tattoo by Elijah

picture of tattoo shears

Tattoo by Elijah Pashby. Tattoos by appointment Contact (323) 318-0043
The Shearer A 'down to


A 'down to earth' image!
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shears tattoo designs

Skirt: $40 xxxs-xxxl, custom length Available at!

Three random tattoo ideas

Custom ankle & foot Custom ankle &

iban kalimantan

Custom ankle & foot hand-tapping tattoo. Freehand. Made by using a traditional Dayak hand-tapping tools. No tattoo machine!
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Tattoo Flash Card Can anybody take

old school card tattoo

Can anybody take these doodles and turn them into the traditional style tattoos, like the Star Wars ones you see floating around? FYI - I can't draw faces nor old school tattoos. Just liked the idea and wouldn't mind a HHGTTG tatt haha =)