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I've always found something interesting about pictures in which there are multiple people, but they're not visibly interacting with each other. And here, only one face is facing us...
hair cutting shears with carnation morning glory lily of the morning birth flowers Tattoo by Elijah

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Tattoo by Elijah Pashby. Tattoos by appointment Contact (323) 318-0043
The Shearer A 'down to


A 'down to earth' image!
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Three random tattoo ideas

365: day 138: i'll never forget my first... :) i

cat d tattoos :) i thought its about time i take another pic of my beloved tattoo. btw, if you are wondering what it is, it's a cat :) i know it sorta looks like a hybrid between a dog and a cat. its not that tattoo artist's fault, it was mine. hahaha XD i was terrified when i was getting this tattoo because i thought it would feel like they were carving on my skin but actually it wasn't bad, haha. the pain was manageable but i was still nervous soo i was sorta twitching the whole time the tattoo artist was tattooing me, haha XD
ThreeHundred & fifty-seven/365:  i believe... myself for

words tattoo believe myself for the first time in my life. And here's my memento to remind me anytime I falter