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Sicilian Triskele Tattoo by Denise

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Tattoo by Denise de la Cerda. Wearer- Leo. There are two dudes named Leo who got the Sicilian Triskele from me at two different times, different years and different cities. This Leo got his first. The two Leos don't know each other. This one was done at Modern Electric in Jersey City.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Tattoo (Shot taken by

tattoo of mantaray

(Shot taken by Oz) I've wanted this tattoo for a long time, and finally got it tonight. There's a lot of meaning behind this design, and despite the flame red/bleeding mess that it is for a day or so, I am ecstatic at how it turned out. Bored? Here's the meaning behind the design: Some people have a totem/spirit animal, and the manta is mine for several reasons. It is shy and reserved, but curious enough to approach divers sometimes. It's one of the only known rays to breach, showing a weird courage to check out a world very foreign to its natural habitat. I'm kind of doing that myself recently. It's never aggressive. It will not attempt to sting unless it is actually injured, and if it does, it's only a self-preservation thing as opposed to an act of aggression. I can be quiet/mild enough to get walked on, so this serves as a reminder to me. Lastly, it is so, so graceful in the wa