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Sicilian Triskele Tattoo by Denise

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Tattoo by Denise de la Cerda. Wearer- Leo. There are two dudes named Leo who got the Sicilian Triskele from me at two different times, different years and different cities. This Leo got his first. The two Leos don't know each other. This one was done at Modern Electric in Jersey City.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Rocker Manu Por más que

tattoo tatuaje brazos

Por más que le joda a Jose, Manu es el tio que más bueno está!!! Dios! Tanto poner cremita en sus tattoos...esto sabiais que iba a traer sus consecuencias pedazo de cajsklñjdfhoaibrorkjjksñhfhnessssss!! xD Jail House Rock
over the edge, over Carrara Olympus. Shot over


Olympus. Shot over the famous marble caves in Carrara. The yellow stripes going zig zag are used by tracks to carry down marble. Watching these trucks climbing is scary but not as much as seeing their full loaded slow descend. The girl is a friend of mine from Croatia. View On Black