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Sicilian Triskele Tattoo by Denise

tattoo gallery sicilian

Tattoo by Denise de la Cerda. Wearer- Leo. There are two dudes named Leo who got the Sicilian Triskele from me at two different times, different years and different cities. This Leo got his first. The two Leos don't know each other. This one was done at Modern Electric in Jersey City.
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Three random tattoo ideas

FIL2026 closer up of

dragon wing tatoos

closer up of my dragon tat on my back
TATTOO LIFE magazine OUT NOW !! Im so happy

tattoo gallery girl side

Im so happy to announce my very first tattoo cover is out in the U.S now! There is an interview inside with me so pick it up and check it out! I believe its available at boarders,barnes and nobel,and possibly some other places as well that I do not know about yet.I also just shot for total tattoo magazine witch will be out in a few months.Thanks everyone for your support! xo