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Sicilian Triskele Tattoo by Denise

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Tattoo by Denise de la Cerda. Wearer- Leo. There are two dudes named Leo who got the Sicilian Triskele from me at two different times, different years and different cities. This Leo got his first. The two Leos don't know each other. This one was done at Modern Electric in Jersey City.
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Three random tattoo ideas

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March 17th My brother works

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My brother works at Blut & Eisen tattoos in Berlin. Well, I guess it comes with the job that you start being interested in the actual art of tattooing yourself, although so far "only" being the shop assistant. Anyways, he's totally into it and did his very first own tattoo today, on his left leg.
A rough exterior hides a heart of gold. © 2010 by

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