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the bond of sisterhood This is a

sisterhood tats

This is a symbol of the bond of sisterhood in both the individual and larger senses. It reflects the unity of the bond but is divided to indicate that each sister has her own space while being part of the whole. When looked at in the sense of ""sisters within a family"", the carving has another meaning. On one side the larger opening (sister) is towards the front, but if you turn the carving over, the smaller opening (sister) is now forward. This helps us remember that each sister has some area of their personality and qualities in which they can be in the forefront.
tattoo lyrics from matt


lyrics from matt nathanson's "little victory" surround the celtic symbol for sisterhood. :) ...that looked a lot less blurry before i uploaded it.
Kate yo romeo, ljubljana, slovenia

tattoos of sisterhood

romeo, ljubljana, slovenia - april '07
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Three random tattoo ideas

fractal i know i

tattoos fractal

i know i know, it looks like it would be a nightmare to tattoo something like this... and believe me, it was. so don't go thinking i'd like to do more stuff like this, just because i posted the picture. i have learned my lesson, i just thought i'd share. this is the first and last time i'll ever tattoo a piece of art created by a mathematical algorhythm.
DSC_5548 Nice, France (Spring

startattoo on arm

Nice, France (Spring Break 2012)