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miami ink skull tattoo

Buy it here: Welcome to New York City. Front: 'Leaf' & 'American Made' glows in the dark. Sleeve: 'Poshinks Presents' glows. Back: All the letters glow in the dark quite strong :) Size: XLarge Material: 100% Cotton Fruit of the Loom Color: White Style: V-Neck For more pics: ☠ Twitter: ☠ @POSHinks Facebook: ☠ Poshinks ☠ Hatvan Kilenc Blog ☠ (check out our munchie recipe!)
BY EDGE TATTOO Obrigado pelo apoio

oldschool skull tattoo

Obrigado pelo apoio dos meus amigos, e das pessoas que gostam do meu trabalho, e obrigado pelos coments tambem! Te amo Me"Nynna" linda! ************************************************************************** EDGE TATTOO OBRIGADO AO (A) Brutal_artisT... PELO POSTE EM SEU BLOG! Fly 'Til I Die Pencil

rose skull and wings tattoo

Pencil Photoshop
Simon & Chona 2 My fiancée's sister

skull back piece tattoos

My fiancée's sister and brother in law came over to visit while we were taking our "Save the Date" pics (coming soon). I had the studio already set up so I encouraged them to take 30 seconds and pose for a few shots. Here are the results. I'm very, very pleased, but it's easy to take great pics when you have such interesting subjects.
Fly Gostei apesar dos

skull head and wings tattoos

Gostei apesar dos arabescos ruins!
T-shirt_Design_Template_881 Dice skull

skull soul tatoo

Dice skull
hula tiki

sugar skull tiki
Dia de Los Muertos Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tattoo Cake For once I

gypsy woman skull tattoo

For once I did a cake for me! Well, it was a gift for a friend for her Birthday, but it wasn't ordered so I got to do what I wanted, and an idea I have been dying to do. I'm pleased with the way it turned out, but of course it would be better if I ever get to do one again. I really really hope I do. I enjoyed bringing her to life (death?) so much I even named her. Watching her get destroyed at the party was heartbreaking. Now I remember why I do ditch and run deliveries!
BUGGED "BUGGED" is about

abstract skull tattoo

"BUGGED" is about AGGRAVATION. IT'S ABOUT BEING HASSLED and HOUNDED and BITCHED AT. It's about every little AND BIG PROBLEM that continuously shadows us during our lives. Like the buzzing of a mosquito in your ear at night, these problems and hassles and often, PEOPLE ... will not leave us alone! Thus, we are "BUGGED!"

Three random tattoo ideas

Peyton lookin hard !! Uploaded with a

tattoos of the name peyton

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tattoo This is a

angel on moon tattoo

This is a drawing I did that a friend turned into a tattoo