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SUGAR SKULL TATTOO My latest addition

mexican sugar skull tattoos

My latest addition Sidney the ~ Mexican Day of the dead (Día de los Muertos) sugar skull ! In honour of all my loved ones who have passed, especially my son Marley Kyuss x X x
Wooden Lumberjack Our first custom

mini skull tattoos

Our first custom 8" Munny - acrylic paint and posca markers - 2012
zombieskull Little fix up

see no evil skull tattoos

Little fix up of a home job. truned it into a zombie skull, Brains...brains!!! tattoos by duggrave@ Tainted Hearts Custom Longmont, CO 303-532-8888
Tattoo Tots buttons Amiable Anchor, Sanguine

skull and ribbon tattoo

Amiable Anchor, Sanguine Skull, and Hastened Heart...see profile for details...
Guitar Hero More strobe practice.

skull family tattoo

More strobe practice. Split Lighting Strobist info: Single White Lightning X800 high on left, into a white umbrella, triggerd with CyberSync
Tattoo Art Fest (072) - 18-20Sep09, Paris (France) [Taken in Paris

skull head tattos

[Taken in Paris (France) - 18Sep09] During three days, the biggest french tattoo convention, the Tattoo Art Fest, took place, for the third time, in the Parc Floral and gathered 7000 visitors around more than 150 world wide tattoo artists, featuring tattoo contests, burlesque shows, graffiti artists, photo exhibitions, and concerts. See all the photos of this convention in this set : 18-20Sep09 - Tattoo Art Fest [Event] See all the body art photos in this set : [Body Art] See all the random portraits in this set : Portraits [Random] This serie contains nude pictures that you can NOT see, unless you're signed in on flickr (and have your safe filter o
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skull music tatoo

voodou rock the International Body Art Expo in Columbus. Saturday.
Artistic face Artistic face by

skull parlor gallery designs

Artistic face by artist Rich Mcgowen at The Ink Spot tattoo parlor during the 15th Annual South Tacoma Classic Car Show Ink Spot Tattoo 5220 South Tacoma WAy Washington, 98409 253-474-1900
Mélanie  Mélanie Drainville :

skull phone

Mélanie Drainville : Tattoo Artist

Three random tattoo ideas

Serenity Prayer Ragz Rejected~ Katalist

scroll tattoos

Ragz Rejected~ Katalist Konsepts 619 S College #16 Fort Collins CO 80524 970-472-1675 Mon~Sat noon~8pm