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PESCADOR DA SABEDORIA Navegar é preciso,mas

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Navegar é preciso,mas preciso é saber. Não há limite ao conhecimento, quanto mais aprendemos,mais evidente se torna nossa ignorância. Navegar é preciso...
andi - the poster papergirl 5, this

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papergirl 5, this is my input.
side of purse Side of front

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Side of front of purse
Lucie, Graphic Designer - Tattoo Art Fest (248) - 18-20Sep09, Paris (France) [Taken in Paris

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[Taken in Paris (France) - 20Sep09] During three days, the biggest french tattoo convention, the Tattoo Art Fest, took place, for the third time, in the Parc Floral and gathered 7000 visitors around more than 150 world wide tattoo artists, featuring tattoo contests, burlesque shows, graffiti artists, photo exhibitions, and concerts. See all the photos of this convention in this set : 18-20Sep09 - Tattoo Art Fest [Event] See all the body art photos in this set : [Body Art] See all the random portraits in this set : Portraits [Random] See all the photos with written words in this set : Spider skull.

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Ambriella with broadsword I love when

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I love when i meet a model who is absolutely perfect for a Tarot card idea I have. I was talking to my friend Connie (who posed with her son for the Judgement card ) and telling her of my idea for the ten and ace of swords cards. I wanted the cutest, most petite, goth girl I could find holding a broad sword bigger than she was. A minute later, Connie found Ambriella on Model Mayhem (where I've gotten several models for this project). I wrote her and she was totally into the idea. Hopefully I'll get to shoot her again soon.
I wear my Cramps shirt almost every single day The last pink

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The last pink mohawk shoot for a very long time. She gets it dyed rainbow tomorrow, then chopped off entirely in a few weeks. She has joined the Navy. Silly Anna. You really should .

Three random tattoo ideas

Geisha´s Last Tear 2 cell phone lanyard Geisha´s Last Tear

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Geisha´s Last Tear 2 cell phone lanyard out of Yakuza collection, heady version placed on its catalogue page. Buy it here: