Skull - Tattoowise

Background work Inma working on

inked skull tattoos

Inma working on the background Inma is based at Haunted Tattoo, London
Tattoo It's on my

thigh skull tattoo

It's on my thigh
Release Oct 11 by 8pm slt skin by miasnow

see no evil skull tattoo

skin by miasnow (chest bones built into the skin) hair little heaven maori tattoo by alexitimia tattoo I MISS VALLE
selfportrait on my lace

skull and lace tattoo

on my lace sweater and my lovely skull tattoo.
T-shirt_Design_Template_640 Tattoo Girl

urban skull tattoos

Tattoo Girl
emo shane dawson emo shane dawson

emo skull tattoo

emo shane dawson with photoshop
Wanderlust sneak peek... Sneak Peek of

skull and crow tattoo

Sneak Peek of a commission i am working on at the moment...its a bit bigger and more deathly than what i have been drawing recently, these are the sort of things i drew before i drew pretty little owls and squirrels, so it was nice to take a trip back! More info coming soon x
Dad & Mom During my travels

hello kitty skull tattoo

During my travels I stopped in San Antonio, Texas. This is my arm and Brit's.
moni - the poster papergirl 5, this

misfits skull

papergirl 5, this is my input.
Camafeu Bob Queiroz Brazilian

best sugar skull tattoos

Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil -
365:46 flaming skull thanks to knitsonya

airbrush skull tattoo

thanks to knitsonya for the cool airbrush tattoos today at the fair. way cool.
left_breast 01.02.2010 weiter gehts...

asian skull tattoos

01.02.2010 weiter gehts...
"Gone but not forgotten" "Tattoos of memories

black ink skull flash tattoo

"Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial. For what it's worth, it was worth all the while. I hope you had the time of your life"
Leg sleeve In progress

blue skull tattoos

In progress
Passenger Pigeon

cow skull tattoo

Three random tattoo ideas

Koi Tattoo with Orange Koi The color really

tattoo to go down spine ideas

The color really doesn't come through too well in this shot, each scale is orange and red.