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Adrian & Natacha (01) - 4th Tattoo Art Fest - 17Sep10, Paris (France) [Taken in Paris

cute couple skull tattoo

[Taken in Paris (France) - 17Sep10] Adrian 20 Tapestry-maker - Upholsterer --- Find many more models in my new book: "INKED" Available here: Regular 102 photos version: DeLuxe 102 photos version: Diet 52 photos version: --- See all the photos of this event, chronologically put, in this set : 17-19Sep10 - Tattoo Art Fest [Event] See all the body art photos in this set : [Body Art] [This reporting contains nude pictures that you can not see, unless you're signed in on flickr (and have your safe filter off). To see them, you can also use this link : ---- Ce reportage contient des photos de nu que vous ne pouvez voir, à moins d'être inscrit sur flickr (et d'avoir désactivé le filtre de sécurité). Afin de les voir, vous pouvez également utiliser ce lien :]
Dads Tattoo Isnt this awesome?!

dad skull tatoo

Isnt this awesome?!
Day of the Dead Marilyn Monroe Tribute to the

day of the dead skull drawing of tattoos

Tribute to the quote "Beauty is Fleeting"
rose's new rose tattoo by jori

dead sugar skull tattoos

tattoo by jori at affleck's palace
Sugar Skull Tattoo Paulo Madeira
Tattoo Artist

design a sugar skull

Paulo Madeira Tattoo Artist and BodyPiercer
Soul Doubt Done from a

ed hardy skull tattoos

Done from a piece of Ed Hardy flash
Rick Genest made by mom,

etsy skull tattoo

made by mom, painted by me for sale Mom & Sin
Flaming tribal skull One off tattoo

flaming skull tattoo

One off tattoo fitting the design brief of skull who looked evil with tribal and flames.
IMG_0187 Flaming Skull Tattoo

flaming skull tattos

Flaming Skull Tattoo
Smiley Catalina Not finished yet!!!


flower sugar skull tattoo

Not finished yet!!! Tattoo done at Red Dog Tattoo, Benalmadena Costa, Malaga, Spain
Girly Skull Glitter Tattoo Girly Skull Temporary

foto girly skull

Girly Skull Temporary Waterproof Glitter Tattoo
Sugar Skull iPhone 3g Case Available at

free gypsy skull tattoo design

Available at Check out my website for more art!
zebidee tattoo The skull was

fun skull tats

The skull was my my first ever tattoo i had done on someone other than myself, taken from flash. The rest i designed to go with it, and tattooed it soon afterwards. Still not quite finished

Three random tattoo ideas

David Henrie Rare can u say

david tatto

can u say hot? i can xD
new glasses Bloke don't make

portrait tattoos in frames

Bloke don't make passes at men who wear glasses... In other news, you try taking a photo with a iSight camera without picking up reflections no matter where you look.