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JESSY 16 "Ultimate Badass"

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sleeve tattoos vancouver

"Ultimate Badass" Photo by Kyle James-Patrick of The Deaf ©2012
PHOENiX back piece tattoo PHOENiX
back piece tattoo


sakura tattoo sleeve

PHOENiX back piece tattoo KARYU-BONTEN fanatic tattoo yokohama , japan
orange_koi_9 04/28/2006 - Third

how many hours for a sleeve

04/28/2006 - Third 7 hour Session - Memorial Sleeve Tattoo (19 hours) Orange Koi
blue poppies cover up poppies tattoo

pheonix full sleeve

poppies tattoo
My Sleeve Sleeve done by

tattoo samurai sleeve designs

Sleeve done by Marcus Kuhn. About 35+ hours over 5 years.
IMG_2299 Tattoo by

color tree sleeve tattoos Tattoo by Scott Bruns at Coastline Tattoo in Provincetown on Cape Cod (508) 487-2012
Right Arm Session 2 12 April 2011 Session 2 of

sleeve tattoo on right arm

Session 2 of my cover up sleeves 2 hrs.
Smookie Large ***This was

sleeve tattoo model

Large ***This was edited with my actions, email for more info if you like what you see!*** 5d mk ii 50mm 1.4 Natural light | Twitter | Facebook | blog

Three random tattoo ideas

Japanese Dragon Drawing 02 Dragon [Japanese Pronunciation

free printable tattoo art

Dragon [Japanese Pronunciation : Ryuu] Symbol of Imperial Power, Guardian of the Eastern Direction, Deity of Rain and of Heaven, Protector of the Buddha and Buddhist Law. Japanese Dragon Drawings Asian Dragon Tattoos | Royalty Free Vector Art [EPS] Printable Tattoo Designs | Tattoo4U
Hollie and Buzz 3# Taken on a

photo rock couple tattoo

Taken on a canon 1100D, using a 50 - 70mm lens ... using a portable backdrop and two free standing, 250WATT bulbs. My models, wanted some lovely couple styled photos ... with deep shadows, but showing off Buzz's tattoo's and both of their piercings ... I think this has been a success, the couple were happy with their images ... and i am also proud of these three i have uploaded :)
My tattoo work : sun flower 2006 custom Free hands


custom Free hands