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Day 340 - May 26 If only every

bright tattoo sleeve

If only every Monday were Stay In Bed, Watch Movies, & Snuggle With Loved One holidays.
Buddha Ganesha Tattoo 5 This was colored

buddhism tattoo sleeve

This was colored in about a month before this photograph was taken.
Ice Cream Tattoo A work in

colorful tattoo sleeve ideas

A work in progress. Btw, not mine. Haha. By Brian Jones in Covina, California.
My sleeve VI Made by Jenni

colour full sleeve tattoos

Made by Jenni / Bound Tattoo, Helsinki
Whispers... 4 An idea I've

dark sleeve

An idea I've been wanting to do for a while now... Model: Pete Everything else: Me! © Liz Rose van Bokhoven 'Like' my page on Facebook? :)
Ink For Heroes 31 York 23rd June

design sleeve tattoo help

York 23rd June 2012
Bicycles & Tattoos (4) Last illustration (for

drawing sleeve tattoo

Last illustration (for now) in a series of tattooed cyclists.
Earthworm Jim Returns! You may of

earth sleeve tattoo

You may of saw way back the beginning of the gem. Now its completely done, and by god she's a beauty. We got Peter Puppy, Princess whats-her-name, Queen slug-for-a-butt, Bob the killer goldfish (with number4), Psy-Crow, and of course Jim & Snot. We also have little cameos by Evil the Cat, with Toejam & Earl. I know Queen SFAB isn't the greatest BUT considering what she covered up, it looks pretty damn good.
start of my escher sleeve the start of

escher tattoo sleeve

the start of my escher tattoo sleeve
Session 5 29 apr 2011 1hr Had most of

first session on full sleeve

Had most of my wrist skulls filled in. Second most painful day at the tattooists ever!
Dragon head  Session 2 -

flower dragon tattoo sleeve

Session 2 - 4 hours shading to dragons head
My Brother A portrait of

full sleeve family portrait tattoo

A portrait of my brother, Marc, as he shows off his barter traded tattoo sleeves which he got for two roast chickens... I know its a random description...

Three random tattoo ideas

Christina Ricci September 2, 2008:

tattoo exclusive

September 2, 2008: Christina Ricci and boyfriend Kick Gurry (not pictured) spend the day at the beach in Malibu, California. Credit: Revolutionpix/ Ref.: infusla-71 ID#18590608
6387 Tawnie with Chris'

rockabilly tattoo cadillac

Tawnie with Chris' 1949 Cadillac