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Dave's Arm 2 sleeve 2006

blackandgray sleeve

sleeve 2006
Contests San Diego Tattoo

tattoo sleeve convention

San Diego Tattoo Convention, October 1994
Image_0186 04/28/2006 - Third

sleeve tattoo at 19

04/28/2006 - Third 7 hour Session - Memorial Sleeve Tattoo (19 hours)
 b800 boomed above

arms sleeve tattoo

b800 boomed above in socked beauty dish b800 bare behind on backdrop abr800 on camera triggered with pocketwizards
Dragon Koi Sleeve More Colour_17102010_0005 All work completed

dragon and koi full sleeve tattoo

All work completed by Nico at One Love Tattoo, Geneva, Switzerland
Roman "Its like space travel" Tattoo by Mike

geometric sleeve tattoo

Tattoo by Mike Cole
Ink For Heroes 94 York, 23rd June

how much for a tattoo sleeve uk

York, 23rd June 2012
war sleeve. second session, 6 hours in. Full sleeve under

ww2 tattoo sleeve

Full sleeve under way by Ben Boston Bristol.
Color and linework01 Some updates to

zelda sleeve tattoos

Some updates to my friend Samuel's second sleeve, this one being based around Zelda

Three random tattoo ideas

Koi_Fish_001_by_Jeremy Worst for sale by

crow tattoos paintings

for sale by jeremy worst
 Expo Muro no


Expo Muro no Shape Casa do Lado - Sumaré SP