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Tattoo Sleeve Another 3 hours,

swallow sleeve

Another 3 hours, total so far: 8 hours.
Great Tattoo!! Artist: Mike Cole,

tattoo sleeve geometric

Artist: Mike Cole, Moreno Valley, CA
 Started up on

tattoo sleeve medieval

Started up on my sleeve today...
Landscape02.jpg When I got

tattoo trees sleeve

When I got there today, Tony was looking through a book of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean art. He wanted a good scene to use as the background for this tattoo. I LOVE this piece of trees, mountains and waterfalls...
Smokey Smoke and waterfalls

tribal and japanese tattoo sleeve

Smoke and waterfalls japanese style. Second part, moving towards my sleeve. Unhealed. And the tribal is an old sin.
Day 35c / 365 / 2011 - February 4, 2011 "Monthly Weight Update"

tribal sleeve tattoos

"Monthly Weight Update" I wasn't actually planning to do any more of these this year. After my weight plateaued for two months straight. at 212, I figured I was about as low as I could go without changing something in my routine. Then the first week of January I dropped two pounds. I figured it had to do with the massive number of hours I worked after firing someone at work. But the next week I was still two pounds less than December. Then the third week of January I was down another pound. This past Monday, the day of the week I always weight myself to make sure I am not moving in the wrong direction, I was down yet another pound. So now I weight 208.
TAT4 Detailed final images

tribal tattoo sleeve black red

Detailed final images of completed tattoo commission Volks SDC Sora with face-up and tattooing by me
tattoo session 1

tiki sleeve
IMG_3439 Second session of

rocket tattoo sleeve

Second session of Sleeve Tattoo by Chad Leever of Revolution Tattoo in West Lafayette, IN
sleeeeve. Stephen's Michigan sleeve,

tattoo sleeve swollen

Stephen's Michigan sleeve, by Bart Bingham at NY Adorned. Includes a white-tailed deer, painted turtle (the official state reptile, and whom Stephen has named Gary), robins, petoskey stones, maple leaves, and apple blossoms. One more sitting left, which I think will add tart cherries up top? The auto-focus on my 50mm lens is broken and, well, my manual focusing skills are not awesome. But you get the point.
A date of Nasi Goreng & sleeve tattoo A date of

sleeve tattoo australia

A date of Nasi Goreng & the 1st session for a sleeve tattoo. :-)

Three random tattoo ideas

A Writer This is a

tatoo liz

This is a headshot of a writer. This image was created using two off camera strobes. One was placed in a softbox right of the camera at about 45 degrees and above the subject. The other was shot into an umbrella above the subject to the far left of the camera. Levels adjustments were made in Photoshop, as well as slight cropping and a bit of dodging and burning.
I'm ugly \o/ but the flag

tatuagem bandeira usa

but the flag is amazing
Kenji E mò me

tatoo kenji

E mò me la fumo!