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Lower Arm Tattoo VJ VON ART

mexican sugar skull sleeve

VJ VON ART Tattoo Designs Twitter: @VJVonArt Please get in touch should you want to commission me to do a tattoo design for you. Contact me on
February 20, 2007 Scott's sleeve in

angel sleeve portrait

Scott's sleeve in progress
Maple Leaf added some work

34 sleeve tattoo gallery

added some work today and is coming along slowly. 2 thumbs tattoo oahu hawaii
waterfall tattoo by Kirk

best black and grey sleeve tattoos

tattoo by Kirk Sheppard , Rain City Tattoo Vancouver BC Canada www.kirksheppardtattoos. com
Ghost Cat l Orlando, Fl Ghost Cat. Check

black and white tatto sleeve ideas

Ghost Cat. Check them out here Like my photos? Like me on facebook and check out my website
dallas green at festival of

concert sleeve tattoos

at festival of friends 2011 performing with Shad. completely unedited.
Whale Sleeve (second session) Another 4 hours

full ocean tattoo sleeve

Another 4 hours in (7.5 total). It's really starting to come together. Details are showing up and it's a lot easier to get an idea of what the final product will look like. We'll start on the whale during the next (7-8 hour) session. Looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time.
My Nana's scissors... in progress...

girl sleeve tat

in progress...
girlie dagger tattoo my new swollen

girlie sleeve tattoo

my new swollen dagger tattoo i had done yesterday on the back of my arm! done by Nick at Tribal Urge. portsmouth england
Sleeve progress! Monday we worked

girly sleeve tattoo ideas

Monday we worked on my sleeve some more, added a rose and fan at the bottom, some extra pearls, made the bow bigger, and on the inside of my upperarm is a lovely swan! I love it :) ! Just need one more sitting to add all the background now, pfew!
Tattoo Mamma One of those

halloween sleeve tattoo

One of those fake tattoo sleeve Halloween jobbies....... never thought she'd be as amused by it as she was!

Three random tattoo ideas

2/23/07 my pal Beth

tattoo maruo

my pal Beth in a Japanese tattoo mag, "Tattoo Burst"
jog on weird drawing, mikegiant

jap koi tattoo

weird drawing, mikegiant style