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 Model/Makeup/Hair: Jess Hawk

sleeve tattoo studio gallery

Model/Makeup/Hair: Jess Hawk
365/219 option 2: Unique This is the

sleeve tattoo wedding

This is the other option for today. I love the pairing of Nina's awesome tattoo with the elegant dress and bouquet. Here's the other option , of my cousin Jess, who was the one who got married, dancing. It just happened to work, even if it isn't quite perfect!
The Collector He wears his

sleeve tattoos nyc

He wears his art on his sleeve.
Left Donna's B-Day Tattoo

sleeve vine tattoo

Donna's B-Day Tattoo 2009 done by Justin at Crossover Tattoo in Newport Oregon. The little frog in the middle was her first tattoo.
JESSY 13 "Ultimate Badass"

Photo by

tatto sleeve vancouver bc

"Ultimate Badass" Photo by Kyle James-Patrick of The Deaf ©2012
elle4 mmm... Elbow =

tattoo ivy sleeve

mmm... Elbow = not ticklish
tattoo sleeves tatuaggi a manicotto

tattoo sleeve fake

tatuaggi a manicotto ideali per uno scherzo agli amici, ai familiari. Visto all'improvviso sembra proprio vero. Da urlo.
red_koi_8 04/28/2006 - Third

tattoo sleeve first session

04/28/2006 - Third 7 hour Session - Memorial Sleeve Tattoo (19 hours) Red Koi
My fun girl No matter where

tattoo vegas sleeve

No matter where we go or what we do, I can always count on this girl being fun. It's such a joy to travel with her. She's a keeper! :)
San Francisco ink Toting guns 'n

jesus full sleeve tattoo

Toting guns 'n ink
KOI Tatoo Sit 3 About 10 hours

full sleeve japenese tattoo

About 10 hours into the Koi Sleeve. Still needs about 3 more hours of work to fill the head, bamboo, and add additional background.

Three random tattoo ideas

Chris Núñez of Miami Ink, trapping for woman at Time SUpper Club. Chris Núñez (born

reality tatoo

Chris Núñez (born April 11, 1973) is an American tattoo artist. He is the co-owner of Love Hate Tattoos, a tattoo shop located in Miami Beach, Florida and the subject of the TLC reality television program Miami Ink. The shop which is actually called LoveHate Tattoo (The show is called Miami Ink - LoveHate Lounge is also the Bar that Ami James and Chris Nunez own) is co-owned by tattoo artists Ami James and Chris Núñez, and also features artists Chris Garver, Darren Brass, and Yoji Harada. Californian artists James "Sword-Crosser" Hamilton, Luke Wessman, Mikey Slater and JMorgwn Pennypacker and 2 floor managers Guy Sahar and Lee "On One Knee" Rodriguez joined the shop during the first season while Brass had an injured arm. Kat Von D became a full time crew member for two seasons, after which she was fired and then returned to Los Angeles and landed her own Miami Ink spin-off entitled LA Ink which premiered in August 2007. Another spin-off, London Ink began on Discovery Real Time in the UK in September 2007.[1] The original shop has now become full retail for the clothing line DeVille[2], with a newer and bigger shop for tattoos opened just a few doors along. Each episode features a number of customers along with their backstories and motivations for choosing their tattoos. There is also some focus on the personal lives of the artists. Most of the episodes are narrated by James, with Nuñez occasionally filling in. The main musical theme for the show is "Funky Kingston" by Toots and the Maytals. The show has on occasion featured the personalities from other TLC shows such as American Chopper. Contrary to popular belief, the shop is not "fake" and the artists can be seen there at times other than when filming is taking place[3] [4]. It is important to add however that in order to be tattooed on the show itself customers must apply via