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 Snakes of Iron

sleeve band tattoos

Snakes of Iron opening for The Word Alive, The Basement, Auckland. 21/09/2011.
John Philip First use of

band tattoo sleeve

First use of the studio at Gray's School of Art today with John.
Dec 200919 Spent 8 hours

octopus sleeve tatoo

Spent 8 hours with Eddie Yeary getting the black and shading of my sleeve. Already have a sleeve on my right arm and finally got things going on my left. Design is an Octopus with water. Will get color added in a couple months. Eddie is an awesome artist and works out of his shop in Rocky Mount, VA.
Bio-Mechanical sleeve. Done by Wakefields'

sleeve tattoo biomechanical

Done by Wakefields' Dave Wiper.
my beautiful new owl tattoo got this fella

girlie sleeve

got this fella yesterday, awlful blurred picture. on the top of my am done by amy victoria savage at jayne doe in essex
The Wife She covets my

hot girl with sleeve tattoo

She covets my favorite lens... The Sigma 10-20mm Wide Angle Shady Beach, Elk River, Missouri Shot this at 250mm from halfway in the river.
photo-7 Preying mantis, and

dragonfly sleeve tattoo

Preying mantis, and dragonfly
fragment 2 / space sleeve in progress /

sleeve tattoo with planets

in progress / 2nd session
3/4 Sleeve Asian more work towards

where to get a sleeve tattoo in hawaii

more work towards my 3/4 sleeve. Koi, Lotus, Maple. work done @ Two Thumbs Tattoo Oahu Hawaii by Leo.
phase one: view 2a The phoenix's right

dragon and phoenix sleeve tattoo

The phoenix's right wing will come down up underneath my arm; the left wing extends across my shoulderblade, but there's only a few lines there at present so it wasn't really worth showing you yet. Both beasties will have pupils in the end. When complete, the creatures will be in colour, and the flowers (lotus and cherry blossoms/sakura), and the backround (bars and waves) will be black and grey. Jeff Walker @ ink in Aurora 2/09
chrysanthemum slowly getting work

chrysanthemum tattoo sleeve

slowly getting work done towards my sleeve. Thanks to Leo @ 2 Thumbs Tattoo Hawaii
E.T. Minolta X-9/Kodak Gold

tribal color sleeve with tattoos

Minolta X-9/Kodak Gold 200
Spinning above, burning inside Tattoo by Mike

full mechanical sleeve tattoo

Tattoo by Mike Cole at Inktoberfest 2010 Biloxi MS. Fusion Ink, Next Generation Machines

Three random tattoo ideas

Sailor's Dream Embroidery Inspired by a

jerry the sailor mermaid tattoo

Inspired by a Sailor Jerry tattoo
IMG_5157 copy copy

clouds for tattoos