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summer lovelies a pair of

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a pair of Sheffield beauties enjoying a summer evening
ACEN 2012 P0774 Mr and Mrs

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Mr and Mrs Rabbit.
Spray on Tramp Stamp! They couldn't have

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They couldn't have marketed this product any better?
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P6136104-Edit Strobist info: FL50

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Strobist info: FL50 into Speedy Box 1/2 power camera left, SB800 1/2 power into white reflective umbrella camera right
Margarita A handpainted Margarita


A handpainted Margarita being poured on a Parrothead's lower back. Taken before the Buffett Concert on April 25, 2009 in Tampa.
Awakened from the matrix boricua Lo más reciente

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Lo más reciente en mis tatuajes!! Uploaded with plasq 's Skitch