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summer lovelies a pair of

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a pair of Sheffield beauties enjoying a summer evening
ACEN 2012 P0774 Mr and Mrs

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Mr and Mrs Rabbit.
Spray on Tramp Stamp! They couldn't have

slutty tattoos

They couldn't have marketed this product any better?
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Three random tattoo ideas

St. Paul's Carnival #30 This carnival performer


This carnival performer was busy striking terror into the hearts of little children as the parade went by. One of the most vibrant participants of the whole event.
The Smoking Gun This is BCRichardson.

tattoo sleeve smoke

This is BCRichardson. Showing his tattoo off and a old box of cigs. We were training some new photogs and did a basic set up of lights when Bear found these and wanted to do the classic "cig box in the sleeve" thing like Brando. So we captured it since were had the set up.
Starasian Tattoo Art - Alexi Dragon 3 Inked by Starasian-Tattoo,

japan dragon

Inked by Starasian-Tattoo, Paris France