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summer lovelies a pair of

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a pair of Sheffield beauties enjoying a summer evening
ACEN 2012 P0774 Mr and Mrs

slutty tattoo images

Mr and Mrs Rabbit.
Spray on Tramp Stamp! They couldn't have

slutty tattoos

They couldn't have marketed this product any better?
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slutty tattoos gallery

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Three random tattoo ideas

Spot the parking machine! The famous Windmill

u2 tattoo design

The famous Windmill Lane in Dublin a shrine to U2, I did not notice the parking machine and clear way sign straight away.
star-koi-tattoo Tattooed by Ray

koi tattoo with waves

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford
41/365 "Hot legs"....

tattoo flames leg

"Hot legs"....