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summer lovelies a pair of

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a pair of Sheffield beauties enjoying a summer evening
ACEN 2012 P0774 Mr and Mrs

slutty tattoo images

Mr and Mrs Rabbit.
Spray on Tramp Stamp! They couldn't have

slutty tattoos

They couldn't have marketed this product any better?
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Three random tattoo ideas

Tribal Frog My little brother

tribal frog

My little brother designed this for me. The Chinese Character was added later. It means "to mourn" At least that's what its supposed to mean.
roses and locket done 9/09

key and locket tattoo

done 9/09 2 sittings, shoulder blade
Tokyo Rockabilly Club #2 One of the

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One of the guys from Tokyo Rockabilly Club showing off both his dancing skills and his mix of traditional Japanese and more rock'n'roll oriented tattoos on a very hot day in July 2011. One more shot here .