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summer lovelies a pair of

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a pair of Sheffield beauties enjoying a summer evening
ACEN 2012 P0774 Mr and Mrs

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Mr and Mrs Rabbit.
Spray on Tramp Stamp! They couldn't have

slutty tattoos

They couldn't have marketed this product any better?
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fossil tattoo

Help us decide which of these designs to print as temporary tattoos. We'll be taking the top designs to the Maker Faire. Which is your favorite? Which are your kids favorites? Help us decide. Tell us what you think on our facebook page: Some of these temporary tattoos are now available in my new etsy shop:
My incredible mom She's my best

motherhood son tattoo

She's my best friend and my mother. She tattooed my name on her <3
RIAT 2011 Ilyushin B-76MD Ukrainian Air Force Taken at the

ukrainian tattoo

Taken at the Royal International Air Tatoo at RAF Fairford England