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Picture 386 First snowflake done.

name and snowflake tattoo

First snowflake done. And its worth all the pain.
New tattoo 2 FINALLY used my


FINALLY used my tattoo voucher today that I got for my birthday (in November). I got snowflakes as they are maths nerdy, pretty and I just absolutely love snow. It's a bit red as it is super fresh, but it should be lilac where it's all red. Thank you Bec, Maj and Tony! I love it!!! x x x
מה אני רוצה לשמוע???? what else is

tatoo designs snowflake

what else is there?
Dreams Die Hard An illustrated tribute

tattoo art snowflake

An illustrated tribute to the art, life and tattoos of late Artist Dash Snow.
Dreams Die Hard T-shirt design inspired

abstract snowflake tattoo

T-shirt design inspired as a tribute to the artist Dash Snow Metal Ink
a "cool" tattoo New snowflake tattoo

cool snowflake tattoos

New snowflake tattoo on calf, done by Carlos at Royal Peacock Tattoo Shop. Snowflakes are not perfect, but still beautiful.
Snowflake tattoo Custom design w/

free snowflake tattoo designs

Custom design w/ no outline
CJhand tattoo by MONK

free snowflake tattoos

tattoo by MONK toledo ohio
Holiday Pin Up Vintage Style Please say 'hi'

red snowflake tattoo

Please say 'hi' on my Facebook at xoxo
Star Tattoo Just a tattoo

snowflake star tattoo picture of it

Just a tattoo idea i designed...
That is my snow flake I have a

snowflake tatoo

I have a very good, and emotinal reason for a snowflake, please never get a tatoo "just because"
snowflake and senmurv. new tattoo /

snowflake tattoo design

new tattoo / abstract design. I hate the snowflake, btw.
Tattoo_Tribal_Snowflake Tattoo by April

snowflake tattoo tribal

Tattoo by April Love of Malu Tattoo
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Three random tattoo ideas

save my sole Time flies when

kevin tattoos

Time flies when you're making puns.
"Believe" Tattoo Design by Denise A. Wells Contact me for

tattoo lettering pencil

Contact me for your own custom tattoo design at: This is an excerpt from the original email request: *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* "I am currently in graduate school for planetary sciences, focus in space physics, space weather, but I first received my undergraduate degree in meteorology....I have acquired such a love for space, the stars, the world, how everything "works." " "The word "believe" to me means, believe in the world, believe in love, life, the true meaning of beauty is your own uniqueness, believe in is a journey and that you will only find your peace from within..." "Believe in your dreams, for they will inspire you beyond your wildest expectations. Believe that heartfelt passion leads to unstoppable drive....Just believe......" *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* More of my ar
11-07-2010_Beit_Jala_Demonstration_ 206 A local Palestinian

palestine tattoo

A local Palestinian man shortly after berating stone throwing youths after his family were gassed inside their own home as Israeli soldiers indiscriminately fired CS gas in retaliation for rock throwing during a brief skirmish following the suppression of a non-violent demonstration against Israel's controversial separation barrier by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank town of Beit Jala, near Bethlehem on 11/07/2010. The family were subsequently forced to leave the house until the clash was over.