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snowflake My snowflake tattoo

snowflake tattoos tattoos

My snowflake tattoo right after I got it done..actually on the same day as my industrial. This tattoo is pretty much faded.
eighty six snowflakes on rachel's

snowflake wrist tattoo

snowflakes on rachel's wrist
Yea,if you are going to get one.... ...Get one from

tatoo snowflake

...Get one from Amy. Perhaps my last one too.
Christmas Design Illustration by Sherrie

tattoo design of snowflake

Illustration by Sherrie Thai of Shaire Productions
Amy working I'm 49 years

tattoos snowflake

I'm 49 years old and this is my first one.
Mid-State Fair 09 Odelias tattoo <3

flower snowflake tattoo

Odelias tattoo <3
Picture 377 Omg, its so

no outline snowflake tattoo

Omg, its so awsome.
 by xsnowflakex

white snowflake tattoo

by xsnowflakex
Snowflake - Day 37 just wanted to

snowflake body tattoo

just wanted to show you my healed tattoo... didn't like the original, started playing around and this is where i ended up at... no really sure if i like this picture though... oh, the gray aread around the tattoo actually belongs to it but is such a light blue that i lost it during editing...
sixteen melissa (bad photo)

snowflake with wind tattoo

melissa (bad photo)
Ink Spot Tattoo, Mankato Tiny tiny tiny

snowflake custom tattoo

Tiny tiny tiny snowflake

Three random tattoo ideas

IMAG0063 Painted Lady Series

koi ink drawing

Painted Lady Series -Cuff All images hand drawn and colored by my self with Prismacolor colored pencils, then digitally scanned into my computer and composed to make this hand sculpted cuff. Inner metal cuff for stability and strength. No printed paper or stickers are used in my image jewelry. EVER. All image jewelry is made using a delicate and complex liquid clay transfer process.
Primero ...el primero no


...el primero no se olvida (con este tuve la adicción por los tattoos) ANK! tatuador :
0207 Eye Ball Doodle This was inspired

tattoo drawing pen

This was inspired by another doodle that I saw here on Flickr.