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Adam and Anthony Dad and son

black and white tattoo for son

Dad and son talking outside the tattoo shop.
Four Eyes 
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mother son tats

At the blog, "Celebrating the Strawberry," here.
Expo Tattoo 2006 - 22 A mesma moça


A mesma moça que estava sendo tatuada nas primeiras fotos com seu lindo filho no colo Filme
jack skellington and the corpse bride apply their halloween costume makeup - _MG_8867.JPG view jack skellington

tattoo mother to son

view jack skellington and the princess bride apply their halloween costume makeup - _MG_8867.JPG on a black background . 2005-10-31 copyright (c) 2005-10-31 sean dreilinger
THE GENE POOL My son and

family tattoo son

My son and grandson
Belinda's Tattoo in memory of our son please click on

son flower tattoo

please click on the 3 pictures below to be in detail
Where will we be when the summer's gone? 37:365 August 6,

tattoo of son

37:365 August 6, 2008 Wednesday Afternoon I started watching the 365 Podcast awhile back, and always wanted to do a challenge. I'm forgetful though. Finally today, I watched the newest one, and suddenly this idea popped in my head, and I was like a runaway train. The challenge is How I spent my Summer Vacation . This picture encompasses everything about my summer. At the beginning of the summer, I got a disastrous haircut, when I went mental there for a minute and decided I was going to chop my hair off. We then got a brand new tiny little puppy, Annabelle when she was only 3 weeks old. I also decided that I would start doing 365 again, and try my hardest to give it my all, and have the majority of my pictures be something I am proud of. I figured the 4th time is most definitely a charm. 3rd time. Psh! In July I went to North Carolina to visit my Mom, Sister, and Step-Dad. I loved it the
 Little Tyler, 2wks

baby son tattoo

Little Tyler, 2wks old.

Three random tattoo ideas

Done All finished

star fish foot tattoo

All finished