Soulmate - Tattoowise

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Day 21 - outake not sure which

tattoo and soulmate

not sure which I like best I didn't care for the DOF all that much and I liked the mystery of it all being but off on the other... so this is now an outtake
his tatoo We got matching

tattoo soulmate

We got matching tatoos for our five year anniversary.
Mon bout et testament... My last will

soulmate tattoos gallery

My last will and testament... My devotion to B.
Soulmate0069.jpg Client cancelled but

tattoo in soulmate

Client cancelled but my best friend was in the house, so... Tattoo by: me
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Three random tattoo ideas

Fryslan Us Johannes oant

tattooed notes

Us Johannes oant wurk by Rinto yn Burgum. Hy giet 4 Febrewaris wer nei San Diego ta. Op 'e tafel leit Niels, in freon fan my.
clay: neck tattoo commitment that's her boyfriend.

tattoo of desert

that's her boyfriend. she better get ready to take up pottery if things don't work out.
tatt2s This is a

snake tattoo tribal

This is a few of my tattoos. I now have an almost finished leg sleeve going from my toes to my hip bone. Some I can't show on flickr. It would be a bit tacky and it was chilly that day so I had socks on covering my foot tattoo. And yes, it does hurt. If it was easy, everyone would have them. Yeah yeah I know, I'm white as a sheet of paper and you can count my veins. Not all of us can get a tan :P~