Soulmate - Tattoowise

Day 21 - outake not sure which

tattoo and soulmate

not sure which I like best I didn't care for the DOF all that much and I liked the mystery of it all being but off on the other... so this is now an outtake
his tatoo We got matching

tattoo soulmate

We got matching tatoos for our five year anniversary.
Mon bout et testament... My last will

soulmate tattoos gallery

My last will and testament... My devotion to B.
Soulmate0069.jpg Client cancelled but

tattoo in soulmate

Client cancelled but my best friend was in the house, so... Tattoo by: me

Three random tattoo ideas

20110210, 41/365 - Stars in my hands Things that I

fingers tattoo of stars

Things that I cannot cycle without: 1. a helmet 2. gloves. I've had the same helmet for ages now, but I go through gloves like you wouldn't believe. Just this year my favourite pair ended up under a train and with their replacement my right hand glove just disappeared. These new ones came today. I like them. Beyond the

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