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Three random tattoo ideas

Tattoo It says.....I.G.I.T.
(In God

name wrist bracelet tattoos

It says.....I.G.I.T. (In God I Trust)
Christmas Design Illustration by Sherrie

tattoo design of snowflake

Illustration by Sherrie Thai of Shaire Productions
Koi Tattoo Three Years Old in 2007 The top half

koi and sakura tattoo

The top half of back piece taken summer 2007 (it continues down to just above my knees). At this point it's three years old ( previous photo to compare it to a shot when it was just a few minutes old ). Jason Phillips at FTW Tattoo on Telegraph in Oakland Ca is the artist. I chose the non-traditional combination of cherry blossoms with Koi, opting for it over maple leaves or other flowers as I appreciated the symbolism of the sakura. I had always loved koi fish, having fond memories of the koi ponds in the Japanese gardens of San Francisco and San Jose. Later when I learned more about tattoos I became enamored with the idea of getting a koi tattoo - partly due to the symbolism and largely simply because I like koi fish. I specifically asked the artist, Jason, to design a tattoo that was extremely bold and clear - not too complicated but instead something that would leap out at y