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Three random tattoo ideas

Opposites B&W conversion Almost wish I'd

between love and hate tattoo

Almost wish I'd waited to enter this in the AVForums comp - ah well. (for the colour version see my previous photostream shot) This is the B&W conversion of my entry into the monthly AVForums competition. This month, the theme was 'Opposites'.
The Year Ends In Arson We did

tattoo of a bee We did this shoot pretty late at night out at this lake. We were there for almost an hour before these drunk rednecks came and decided to party next to us. They of course made fun of the tight jeans and in return, we said some words. Low and behold, they come over and force us to leave the property since we didn't have a key. Though we did, just not with us. The jerk gave us this speech on how is grandfather is the owner of the lake and how he is the one that gives out the keys. Now since my stuff was there, I didn't feel like saying anything because I didn't want them to wreck my gear or throw it in the lake. That would be the worst. So we left without doing the individuals, went back to the house, and finished up there. I love these guys to death. Good group of friends and I'm happy to be in Orlando with them! Comments and Criticism More than Welcome!