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Three random tattoo ideas

James, Arms & Leg Tattoo Work Some excellent arm

white ink tattoo designs gallery

Some excellent arm and leg tattoos (artist unknown) from the Marchweil Tattoo Convention in Wales, near Wrexham. Selective Colour of Black and White Image. Have a look at some of my other tattoo images on Flickr - . Keep in touch, add me as a contact (c) Hotpix / HotpixUK Tony Smith - WDCC 07092182899
 Imagen de "La

estudio de tatuagens tattoo

Imagen de "La gran junta 2007"... Saludos a asistentes, expositores y organizadores.. (auspiciadora del vestuario de las modelos) ----- intente hacer critica de la imagen... todo se puede mejorar.. que le mejorarías tu?...
Ram sugah skull ram skull with

ram tattoo gallery

ram skull with the sugar skull lines in him. we were going to put roses in his eyes but i think it got to goofy looking. im happy with this one. on Tiffany