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Three random tattoo ideas

Ahnk Tattoo This was my

ahnk tattoo

This was my first tattoo, got it in Montreal.
344-06 Polynesian Warrior Demonstration Polynesian men demonstrate

moorea tatoo

Polynesian men demonstrate their fighting skills during the show at the Tiki Village Theater on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia (photo by Doug Herbst)
Four G's Issue Release Party - March 7th Four G's Magazine

dren image image

Four G's Magazine - Issue Release Party March 7th - Club 6, 60 Sixth St., SF Celebrating the release of Issue Two with girls, graffiti and tattoo artwork, dj's and a live preformance by TOPR and others. dark room: TOPR Language Arts Crew Da Govamint Gigio and Dren Doh white room: DJ BESET BOO BOO DANGER DJ DISOBAYISH showing art by: NATRL RSN GL CHRIS JEHLY RICKY WATTS DAAT santa rosa tattoo featuring four g's models: Grace Gabbana & Tiffany FREE before 10pm with RSVP $5 10-11pm $7 after 11pm 21+