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Three random tattoo ideas

Crumpled Portrait - Maris This is the

rebel sleeve tattoos

This is the first portrait from a series I'm starting. I met Maris on one of my fashion shoots. She was the assistant makeup artist and her look immediately struck me. I asked if she would come back for a portrait and she said yes. I shot her on a Rebel XTi (above) and on a Mamiya 645 pro with 120 B&W film. The negative film was ruined due to a bad mixture, but they were salvageable. I'll post a scan soon. So I reshot her this weekend and she dyed her hair to black! I think this might be the last time we see a platinum blond Maris. Ah well, that's what photos are for! This was shot in daylight through a giant diffuser. The sun was pretty low in the evening. I put a strobe above and behind her to make sure she separated from the background.
Sailor Style Enamel Wall Piece - Vintage Tattoo Inspired Nautical Star Detail.

sailor jerry dagger flash

Nautical Star Detail. This Wall Piece was created for the "Freaks and Geeks - Tattooed Freaks and Comic Book Geeks" exhibit at Dimensions Gallery in Ocean City, MD. Summer 2007. 3" Enameled Copper Plaques mounted in Stained Pine.
Candy and sweets tattoos Candy sleeve 1/3

cupcake arm tattoo

Candy sleeve 1/3 done by Tank at Aggressive Desire in Wylie, TX.