Soulmates - Tattoowise

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Three random tattoo ideas

Frish Fish (ReBorn) Thailand - Phuket

under the sea tattoos

Thailand - Phuket Dadecated To Jarrah al.bloushi this is the 2nd version of this photo I learned more about Dave Hill effect and after a lot of work i'm getting closer to get the same effect's here is the 1st version of this photo
ManWoman - Artist, Poet, Warrior Canadian ManWoman is

the tattoo indian this warrior

Canadian ManWoman is a unique and controversial artist, bringing with him a message of peace and love tattooed all over. Formerly Patrick Charles Kemball, ManWoman was born after a strange out-of-body experience where he believes he touched the Hand of God. ManWoman began a quest to regain the Gentle Swastika, the ancient peace symbol, misappropriated by the Nazis. His journey has included covering his body in over 200 tattoos, mostly Swastikas from cultures across the globe and also a third eye, inked in the centre of his forehead. ManWoman has exhibited his artwork (including a series of 'sacred vaginas' and 'sacred penises') at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles and is collected by comedian Dan Aykroyd.