Spiderweb - Tattoowise

Spider web I really thought

spiderweb elbow pics

I really thought this would be 4 hours of complete agony having cain work on my elbow. Honestly, I barely felt it.
elbow hands on hips

spiderweb elbow tattoo

hands on hips was a great look. all the cool kids were doing it
WhiteWidow - Hairbase &Tatoo Face Tattoo

spiderweb tattoo

Face Tattoo SpiderWeb II Hairbase Arachnophobia Onyx WhiteWidow Main Shop slurl.com/secondlife/White%20Widow%20II/100/106/39
Jasmin_32302 Strobist Info: AB

tattoos spiderweb

Strobist Info: AB Ring Flash. AB800 with 30% grid above and behind model.

Three random tattoo ideas

Book variation No. 2 I like this

letters intertwined tattoo

I like this 'book' variation! I think it's my favourite between the different 'book' designs.
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Blog Post Coming Soon..
Come On, My Teddybears! 13.08.2011 Moscow, Russia

tattoo pink crown

13.08.2011 Moscow, Russia